Samsung Galaxy for the Planet: for a sustainable future

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The new Samsung devices are the tangible result of the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future thanks to Galaxy for the Planet

Samsung Electronics today announces new progress towards achievement of sustainability objectives set for 2025 for the MX (Mobile eXperience) business. Key initiatives include the development and deployment of recycled materials in productsmore packaging design eco-conscious and the intention to breathe new life into old Samsung Galaxy devices to reduce electronic waste. Since he announced the vision Galaxy for the Planet all’Unpacked in August 2021, Samsung worked tirelessly to create new ways of recycling. And of course in reusing resources that otherwise would have become harmful waste. In order to minimize its environmental footprint and inspire innovation that helps preserve the planet. Today Samsung shares the progress made so far in its sustainability journey.

A more sustainable future thanks to Samsung Galaxy for the Planet

Below are the first statements regarding new Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, which are tangible demonstration of the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Samsung is taking consistent and impactful actions that help protect people and the planet. We combine sustainability and innovation in everything we do,

he has declared TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business of Samsung Electronics. Which he then continued, stating:

I am proud of the progress made so far. This was an experience that allowed us to have a new vision of the world and that will allow us to continue our journey towards the realization of our vision of sustainability with even more conviction and dedication.

Extension of the use of recycled materials to the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4

The development of new recycled materials is a key area of ​​interest for Galaxy for the Planet. The more Samsung recycles, the more resources are preserved. While reusing materials in Galaxy devices has several complexities, i benefits for the planet pay off the efforts. Samsung has designed the new Galaxy Z series and the Galaxy Buds2 Pro with reused fishing nets, or ghost nets, which otherwise would have ended up in the ocean. First integrated into the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022, eleven Galaxy devices are now using reused fishing nets, including the Galaxy Book2 Pro series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series. By reusing abandoned fishing nets within high-performance materials for Galaxy technology, Samsung helps reduce the effects of plastic pollution. 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned and pollute the world’s oceans every year.

Samsung Galaxy for the Planet: for a sustainable future

The use of Eco-conscious materials with Samsung Galaxy for the Planet

The reuse of discarded fishing nets is just one example of the progress Samsung has made in increasing the use of recycled materials in its products. Samsung has incorporated eco-conscious materials. Including reused fishing nets, post-consumer materials (PCM) o 90% bio-based resin of Galaxy devices launched in the last year. For the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, over 90% of the product is made from recycled materials. This process requires complex engineering skills. This is to ensure the overall quality, safety and reliability of all new materials for Samsung’s innovative technologies. Samsung has plans further investments in research and development to source and transform new materials for use in Galaxy products and to increase the presence of recycled materials in each device.

Changing the way Galaxy products are packaged

Samsung has set thegoal of eliminating all single-use plastics in the packaging of mobile products by 2025. The company has already significantly reduced the amount of single-use plastics in its current packaging for Galaxy smartphones, including new leaflets. Samsung plans to explore other ways to eliminate single-use plastics in packaging. Evaluating every aspect of the design of its packages, down to the smallest detail. Since the launch of the serie Galaxy S22now Samsung uses 100% recycled paper for the packaging of its leading products. In this way, this year Samsung will be able to save the equivalent of nearly 51,000 trees thanks to the Galaxy S22 series and the new Galaxy Z series.

Help the environment by reducing volumes

Samsung also has reduced packaging volume of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Galaxy Z Fold4 respectively of 52.8% and 58.2% compared to the Galaxy foldable of the first generation. By reducing the package volume of each device, Samsung reduces the environmental impact of transporting these units by truck, plane and ship. According to the company’s estimates, this reduction in packaging volume amounts to one reduction of carbon emissions due to transport of approximately 10,000 tons by the end of 20225. In addition to the continuous evolution of packaging for flagship smartphones, Samsung intends to extend the eco-conscious packaging to other categories of products.

Samsung Galaxy for the Planet: for a sustainable future

Scalable solutions to reduce electronic waste

Today more than ever, the reduction of electronic waste is essential to promote a circular economy that preserves and reuses the limited resources of the planet. According to World Economic Forumin 2021 they were generated 57 million tons of electronic waste and growth of 2 million tons per year is expected. To address this situation, Samsung has expanded the program Galaxy Upcycling, which breathes new life into older Galaxy smartphones. Through the Galaxy Upcycling at Home initiative, Samsung converts smartphones with a simple software update into smart home devices. With the aim of responding to daily needs, such as the care of children and pets.

Galaxy Upcycling

An important part of programma Galaxy Upcycling is to ensure that these sustainable practices not only support the environment, but also improve people’s lives. The company also recycles second-hand Galaxy devices to turn them into called medical diagnosis equipment EYELIKE fundus camera. These provide necessary eye care services in communities with more limited possibilities. This program has already recycled hundreds of Galaxy devices and provided basic eye care to over 13,000 patients in Vietnam, Morocco, India and Papua New Guinea.

The path to the future

Samsung has set clear sustainability goals by scaling solutions across the enterprise. Whether it’s reusing discarded fishing nets for Galaxy devices, trying to get plastic-free packaging, and speeding up towards zero landfill waste. Or, to try to reset the standby power of smartphone chargers, Samsung is building its Galaxy for the Planet vision a step at a time. There will be other challenges along the way, but Samsung is committed to being accountable. Always continuing to communicate i progress of your mission to bring about positive change and inspire others to protect the planet for generations to come. To keep up to date on the latest news, you can visit the section Samsung Newsroom are

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