Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could arrive during CES 2022

Galaxy S21 FE: tutto quello che sappiamo sullo smartphone Samsung thumbnail

The economic version of the top of the range Samsung, the smartphone Galaxy S21 FE, could arrive concurrently with CES 2022: the expected release date would be on January 4th. A month later, the new generation of Korean smartphones should arrive, with Galaxy S22 scheduled for February 8.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, possible release date announced

The announcement of the release date of Galaxy S21 FE does not come from official Samsung sources. But the leaker Jon Prosser over the years has been able to prove himself very reliable. And according to him Samsung wants to return to be a star at CES in Las Vegas, the most important technology fair in the world, to be held from 5 to 8 January 2022.

However, it seems that Samsung is not ready to launch its new Galaxy S22 for the American event and that it prefers to launch a less “innovative” product instead. The line FE, Fan Edition, essentially offers smartphones with top-of-the-range performance but giving up something for lower the price. A strategy that with the Galaxy S20 FE proved to be truly successful, bringing a top-of-the-range processor and a 120Hz screen to a truly competitive price range.

The new possible colors of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung therefore wants to announce the Galaxy S21 FE on January 4, to let the patrons of the Las Vegas fair try it on their booth. The idea would then be that of launch it on the market l’11 January, without any pre-order period.

The Galaxy S22, on the other hand, will anticipate the Mobile World Congress by a few days, which will be held from February 28 to March 3. There should be three models: the basic one, the Pro and the Ultra. In the international version it should have one as processor Snapdragon 898, which Qualcomm will announce shortly.

Samsung promises a start of the year full of news, making the most of the two major conferences to give visibility to its products, which in all likelihood will announce with streaming events on their social channels. We will keep you updated when new details on the two upcoming devices come out.