Samsung Galaxy S22: a new release date arrives

Quando è prevista l’uscita di Samsung Galaxy S22? Arriva una nuova data thumbnail

There is a lot of hype around the new range of Galaxy S22 smartphones from Samsung, the leaks on the specifications chase each other while the release has not yet been formalized.

Samsung Galaxy S22: will the release take place on February 9?

Officials are missing, but new ones Samsung Galaxy S22 we know practically everything. The leaks have revealed most of the technical details and the insiders have even managed to download the wallpapers. But one is missing exit date, even if it will hardly go beyond February. According to Korean analysts, the launch would be expected for on February 8, while new information shared by indicate a new date: February 9th. According to the portal, the information could both be valid: with a global launch on the 8th and a release in China the following day. However, the real date will hardly deviate from this temporal guise.

The S22 range, as we had already explained to you here, will consist of three devices: one standard model, one Plus and the other Ultra. The greatest expectations are precisely on this latest version, which will be equipped with S-Pen and it should detach itself more from the other two devices. An in-depth report of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can be found here.

Along with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22, the new line of tablets should also arrive Galaxy Tab S8.

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