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Samsung: here are the news on the world of air conditioning

Samsung takes stock of the news from the world of air conditioning: the market is constantly growing, the heat pumps drive the sector

The positive performance of the company continues Samsung (here for more info), with a growth of + 39% in the last year. The South Korean giant continues to invest in logistics, training and launches a new innovative product. In fact, the new one makes its debut EHS Mono HT Quiet heat pumpideal for residential renovations and more.

Details on the news from the world of Samsung air conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning the house is mainly the frame of reference. Today the home is increasingly connected, because it is people who have a real need for technology in the home. To simplify everyday life and the many commitments related to private and working life, have greater security, save energy and be sustainable (70% of Italians 1). Among smart objects most desired by Italians, air conditioners are among the most requested (52%).

Starting from this evidence, Samsung Climate Solutions focuses on the ecosystem of smart air conditioning. A series of innovations related to the commercial and residential world have been announced that are part of an encouraging scenario. In fact, if we consider the period January-August, the climate market grows by 18% compared to the previous year. In this context, Samsung climate solutions boast a 39% growth compared to 2021. Generated by the high rate of product innovation, by the constant commitment placed in the training of partners and by new investments in the Italian territory.

Technological innovation and partner training: drivers of success in the commercial sector

In a growing industry, it’s the heat pumps to have the leading role, with a growth of 97% 2 compared to 2021. A sector in which Samsung reflects the market trend with a 101% increase. In line with this trend and to meet the needs of the market, Samsung today presents the new one EHS heat pump Mono HT Quiet, which combines high temperatures and silence, and is perfect for the European residential renovation market. This elegantly designed heat pump is a durable air conditioning solution. EHS Mono HT Quiet combines advanced features and new technologies to achieve hot water temperatures of up to 70 ° C and noise levels of just 35 dB (A). It is able to reliably provide 100% heating performance even in extreme climatic conditions (with temperatures down to -25 ° C to + 43 ° C). While the installation and maintenance of the unit are carried out easily and with minimal effort.

Samsung AirCon Academy

Another element that has determined a constant positive trend in recent years is the company’s commitment to training. There Samsung AirCon Academy, Samsung’s innovative training center dedicated to partners in the Air Conditioning market, offers constant updating and training, even online. Aimed at air conditioning operators and professionals to broaden their technical skills and deepen their knowledge of the technological innovations of Samsung products. It aims to provide the know-how necessary to meet the needs of the market and satisfy the ever-increasing expectations of end customers. The Samsung AirCon Academy offers highly specialized training courses. These are mainly dedicated to installers and service centers, which are divided into different modules, characterized by contents that are not only theoretical, but above all practical, constantly updated. The training offer, which can be consulted on the dedicated website, also includes specific training and courses. Addressed to designers, consultancy firms, thermotechnical engineers and other professionals in the sector to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills.

The company today announces aimportant news concerning the Academy. The ability to provide the F-Gas certification, specifically the mandatory FGas license from 2019 and the specific skills license for air conditioners and heat pumps. For companies and operators authorized to operate on equipment and technologies containing fluorinated gases, which requires ten-year renewal for professionals and five years for companies. Satisfying customer needs, optimizing processes and being sustainable are the priority at Samsung. One of the first steps to achieve these objectives is the opening of the new ACDC warehouse in Brembio in Italy, completely dedicated to the world of air conditioning and heat pumps. So from improve delivery times for Italy and for the whole of Europe and be the direct point of exchange to the final consumer without intermediate steps. From January 2023 quality control will also start in the new warehouse, which is always active in a brand new area entirely dedicated to quality. Furthermore, the activity will also be extended to heat pumps. The warehouse, in addition to being totally dedicated to air conditioning products, will also be totally managed by Samsung SDS Cello.

Maximum comfort for any environment, at home or in the office: Samsung’s new products for air conditioning

Samsung continues its path of investment and growth of know-how in the air conditioning sector following the guiding concepts of Comfort and Connectivity. Samsung Climate Solutions developed and implemented the technology WindFree TM , which through thousands of micro-holes distributes the air delicately and uniformly in the environment. Thus eliminating annoying direct air jets and creating a “still air” environment, to ensure total well-being in every environment, all with maximum silence. Samsung Climate Solutions also proposes solutions for commercial areas, such as shops, showrooms, but also hotels or offices. Through its WindFree Cassetta 1 Way and Cassetta 4 Way products, depending on the size of the spaces. For large rooms, Samsung proposes Cassetta360. Indoor unit characterized by a circular nozzle that produces and distributes air in all directions, capable of allowing uniform air distribution in the environment, at 360 °. It is available in two colors, white or black and can be screen printed, to be perfectly integrated with harmony in the different styles of the environments.

Samsung: here are the news on the world of air conditioning

Samsung ClimateHub

Samsung ClimateHubfinally, it is Samsung’s integrated solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. In association with external heat pump units of the series EHS TDM Plus, Split e Mono, able to offer maximum practicality for home air conditioning. ClimateHub is a hydronic unit with integrated tank for domestic hot water (DHW) and a new touch control system that allows temperature control of up to two zones with a climatic curve. This is proposed as a real “hub” that takes care of the heating and cooling of interiors with the production of domestic hot water. With the addition of the Kit Wi-Fi it is possible to connect the whole system with theapp SmartThings. Samsung’s flagship for remote management and control of devices.

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