Samsung introduces the new Neo QLED TVs

Samsung presenta i nuovi televisori Neo QLED thumbnail

Samsung has recently presented the new range of Neo QLED 2022 televisions, which boast characteristics worthy of note for fans of the sector (and not only). From what the company claims, the TVs are equipped with a new Neo Quantum Processor for better backlight control. And they also guarantee better image quality, enhanced audio performance and new software features. In short, a combination that will ensure considerable success for future Samsung TVs.

Samsung: Neo QLED TVs have improved performance and new features

In these hours Samsung presented the new Neo QLED TVs, available in due to 4K and 8K variants. As announced, the 2022 models are equipped with MiniLED backlight e advanced contrast mapping, which raises brightness levels to 14-bit – versus 12-bit for 2021 models -. All of this then translates into greater light source control and better HDR performance. Just think that previous generation TVs boasted 4096 brightness levels. The current ones have a quadrupled figure, with 16384 levels of brightness. But this is not the only interesting news.

2022 Samsung Neo QLED TVs also boast AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, HDR10 +, HDR10+ GAMING, refresh rate up to 144Hz and HDMI 2.1 ports. And do you know what this means? Which are practically perfect for games with high refresh rate to run on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and even PC. Unfortunately, however, there is no support for Dolby Vision. But it doesn’t matter, especially since Samsung claims to have implemented the Shape Adaptive Light function, which analyzes the shape of objects on the screen to improve their brightness and accuracy. Furthermore, the company would also appear to have implemented la Real Depth Enhancer function to recognize individual objects and process them in the background. An addition that enhances image quality and realism, adding a sense of depth.

Among other interesting news there is EyeComfort mode, which uses built-in sensors to adjust brightness and white balance so users don’t experience eyestrain. And what’s more in the new range of TVs Samsung is adding OTS Pro technology (Object Tracking Sound Pro), which uses AI to analyze moving objects on the screen and uses TV speakers to create sound from above. This means Neo QLED 2022 TVs can deliver audio Dolby Atmos without the need for additional soundbars or multi-channel speaker systems. And then they also have Q Symphony, which combines TV audio and a compatible Samsung soundbar to create more immersive audio.

The new range of Neo QLED TVs has improved software

Among the many innovations in the range of Samsung Neo QLED TVs there are also improvements in the software of the devices. The new models feature indeed a newer version of Tizen, which collects and takes care of the contents of all the main streaming services. Beyond this, users can use an NFT platform to discover, buy and exchange digital works of art. The “Watch Together” function, then, can be used to watch content with friends and family during a video call, always using the TV. The company has also transformed the Game Bar into a completely new gaming hub offering cloud gaming, FPS meter, and many other things. In short, many news that give us hope for the performance of the new Samsung TVs.