Anche Samsung pronta ad abbandonare lo slot per le SIM fisiche sui Galaxy? thumbnail

Samsung is also ready to abandon the SIM Card slot

Is Samsung also ready to abandon the physical SIM slot on the Galaxy?  thumbnail

Samsung could follow Apple’s example, abandoning the slot for physical SIM cards and focusing exclusively on eSIMs. The “revolution” initiated by the Cupertino house with the new iPhone 14 (without slots in the USA) opens the door to possible cases of imitation and Samsung could be the first manufacturer to follow Apple’s example after having long started to focus on eSIMs, supported by several top of the range of the Korean house. Here are all the details related to the matter:

Will Samsung focus only on eSIMs and say goodbye to physical SIM cards? A hypothesis not to be discarded

Android smartphones could follow Apple’s lead (and it wouldn’t be the first time). This time in the viewfinder there is the physical slot for the SIM that could be removed to make room for only the eSIM, the virtual SIM already available in Italy for some time.

A report confirms that Samsung could be among the first manufacturers to abandon SIM cards and focus on eSIMs exclusively, at least in some markets. The critical issues to be solved are different. To date, in fact, not all operators support virtual SIMs and access to this solution is often not as intuitive as simply inserting the SIM.

We will see if and how Samsung will choose to follow Apple’s example by giving goodbye to SIM cards, at least on a part of its Galaxy range. News in this sense could arrive in the next few weeks.

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