Samsung is developing its own ChatGPT-style AI for internal use

Samsung sta sviluppando una propria AI in stile a ChatGPT per uso interno thumbnail

As reported by, Samsung allegedly partnered with Naver to develop its own artificial intelligence (AI) platform similar to ChatGPT. However, unlike OpenAi’s chatbot, Samsung’s will be for internal use.

The news comes after Samsung learned the hard way the dangers of using generative AI in an enterprise environment. In fact, in recent months some sensitive information relating to the company’s semiconductors have been leaked through ChatGPT, after some employees tried to use the chatbot to facilitate their work. However, the employees did not realize that the information given to ChatGPT was entered into the huge public database of the AI. Since then, Samsung has prohibited its employees from using ChatGPT.

Samsung bans ChatGPT for its employees but develops its own AI

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Despite this ban, Samsung has no intention of depriving its employees of the support of artificial intelligence. For this reason, together with Naver developing an AI platform for internal use and consumption, usable only by employees.

The initial tests will be exclusive to some specific departments of the company, but the idea is to make it available to all subsidiaries of the company.

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