Samsung mocks Apple for launching iPhone 14 thumbnail

Samsung mocks Apple for the launch of the iPhone 14

Samsung mocks Apple for launching iPhone 14 thumbnail

Less than a week to go before the Apple event for the presentation of the new iPhone 14, and here it is Samsung enters the scene with a video that reminds users why they would do well to prefer a smartphone from the company. A low blow, which created no little confusion around the launch of the new iPhone.

iPhone 14: Samsung claims that the smartphone is not innovative

Samsung strikes a hard blow to Apple with the video “Buckle Up”, published in the last few hours on its YouTube account. As you can see above, the content focuses solely on 108MP camera – and on the SuperZoom features – of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and on the design of the new Galaxy Z Flip4. Features that Apple will hardly be able to reproduce in its iPhone 14 – at least according to what the Korean company said -.

“Buckle up for Apple’s latest launch as you step into a world where heads are turning, but not in your direction. A world where the highest resolution smartphone camera will be in someone else’s pocket. And that epic photo of the moon that’s getting all the likes won’t be yours. ” These are the words reported in the video of Samsung, which attacks the new iPhone 14 hard. Not to mention the conclusion, in which comes the final thrust: “This innovation will not arrive any time soon on any iPhone. Because it’s already here, in the Galaxy “.

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