PlayStation: Sony will invest nearly $ 200 million in exclusives

And there is no talk of exclusivity agreements: 183 million will go into the development of first-party titles for PlayStation, Sony guarantees

After a long period of exclusivity agreements on third party franchises on PlayStation like the Square-Enix series now Sony intends invest nearly $ 200 million in first-party securities for its platforms. To give us this excellent news has provided a conversation between the console manufacturer and its investors. The financial director Hiroki Totoki has revealed that it will bring the level of future investments to peaks never reached until now, almost touching the figure we talked about in our opening words. The investment is intended from here until the end of the fiscal year, next spring.

For PlayStation, at $ 183 million, Sony’s big fat investment

The PlayStation numbers are truly impressive, considering the very few PS5 stocks available worldwide, but it’s easy to see Sony’s confidence in a different light considering that the latest profits are not measured in millions of dollars, but in billions. 337 million games were sold in the last fiscal year. Fifty-eight and a half million of these titles were first-party titles. To give two random examples, The Last of Us and Spider-Man have sold well thanks to the success of their sequels. Miles Morales’ game, in particular, is the fifth highest-selling game in the last year.

PlayStation: Sony will invest nearly $ 200 million in exclusives

Totoki (above) has revealed that he wants to “increase the staff” by bringing investments to the equivalent of 183 million dollars (about 20 billion yen). The explicit beneficiaries will be first-party titles. This promising statement follows the financial report for the fiscal year just ended (we’re talking about March), which revealed that nearly eight million consoles have flown off the shelves. Sony had never been more open about how much they intend to invest in their brand, prior to this statement.

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