Samsung prepares an “affordable” folding smartphone

Samsung lavora ad uno smartphone pieghevole "economico" thumbnail

Samsung intends to strengthen its already dominant position in the foldable display smartphone sector. In the course of the near future, in fact, the Korean house intends to launch an inexpensive deviceat least compared to the current standards of the Galaxy Z range. Here are the first rumors about the project:

Samsung prepares a new foldable smartphone with a lower price than current models

The new project under development by Samsung should arrive on the market, according to rumors of these hours, with a price below 800 dollars. This is a price cut of around $ 200 compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 price list.

Samsung’s new foldable smartphone, therefore, could be a mid-range device, able to reach more potential buyers. According to preliminary information, the project does not present some premium features included in the current leaflets.

Le however, information is still very limited. It is possible the presence of a lower-end SoC and an allocation of RAM and lower storage. The cameras could also be more mid-range than top-of-the-range. The project could, therefore, fall within the Galaxy A range.

More details on the new project will arrive in the coming weeks. The launch of the new project could be set for the next semester or for the first part of 2023. We will see what the choices of the Korean company will be in this regard. Recall that in August the new Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will debut.

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