Samsung presents the evolution of SmartThings

Samsung presenta l'evoluzione di SmartThings e annuncia una partnership con Google thumbnail

On the occasion of the annual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC)the Korean company illustrated its new corporate vision of SmartThings, also anticipating the partnership con Google which takes smart home interoperability to the next level. For users of Galaxy smartphones and tablets there will be the option of Easily integrate Matter compatible devices in the SmartThings and Google Home ecosystems.

Samsung unveils the evolution of SmartThings in the near future

Lintegration of SmartThings with Matter and theSamsung joins the Home Connectivity Alliance represents an important turning point for Samsung’s services for the Smart Home sector. Samsung, in fact, with its new vision for SmartThings aims to offer a safe, simple and comfortable smart home experience to be able to use all the tech devices at home without problems.

Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO e Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division di Samsung Electronicsemphasizes: “Given the growing complexity of technology, we will continue to seek solutions to make life simpler, more connected and flexible, thus ensuring our consumers the freedom to focus on what is most important to them.”

In this context, the partnership con Google. The new collaboration between Google and Samsung, in fact, aims to improve the Smart Home experience even more, guaranteeing greater flexibility between smart ecosystems. It should be noted that in this way it will be possible to bring Matter’s multi-admin functionality to the market, guaranteeing maximum flexibility for users.

I Matter devices set up with Google Home will have the option of iEasily integrate SmartThings (and viceversa). The goal is to offer users as much flexibility as possible, ensuring full support for both Samsung and Google products.

On the matter, Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President e Head of SmartThings, Mobile eXperience Business di Samsung Electronics, emphasizes: “Both SmartThings and Google are committed to giving users the choice and allowing consumers to manage their devices better. The collaboration continues this commitment by improving the user experience and promoting transparency between ecosystems ”.