2022 Gaming Spotlight: The market reaches $ 222 billion thanks to mobile

2022 Gaming Spotlight: Il mercato raggiunge i 222 miliardi di dollari grazie al mobile

The new gaming trend is mobile. Accessible to everyone and at no additional cost, the smartphone is the new ally of the gaming sector

Thanks to the technical specifications that are increasingly approaching those of a computer and a dedicated internet connection, the smartphone has distinguished itself as the favorite means of gaming, going so far as to supplant the more classic consoles and the computers themselves.

This is a trend recorded worldwide, so it should be borne in mind that in some countries the internet connection from mobile is much more widespread than the fixed network, if not the only possible one.

Similarly, mobile phones themselves are a much more sustainable – and versatile – purchase than other more expensive and industry-specific devices. With the evolution of graphics and the optimization of resources, some mobile phones guarantee excellent performances in the videogame field, which satisfy gamers from every corner of the planet.

Cloud Gaming, a further accelerator

On the other hand, it is no longer necessary to have physical support to devote oneself to the game, nor are particular technical characteristics required: with the development of Cloud Gaming, the world of video games has taken a decisive turn, thanks to which you can choose between multiple playful entertainment options, without however having to download any software.

“While for some types of games, linked to particular dedicated devices, this may represent a novelty, it is not for the gambling sector”, comments the author of the Casino Non AAMS blog interviewed on the subject. “By accessing the best regulated gaming platforms in Europe you will find a wide choice, without the need to download. Furthermore, the various games have been optimized for easy mobile use, as well as the launch of online casino applications to simplify access and user experience “.

App, is the market saturated?

And in fact, the app market has also grown, which in recent years has reached record numbers, so much so that experts predict a sort of setback, with growth margins significantly lower than those seen recently.

Practical and not particularly burdensome in terms of space occupied on the phone, the apps have crossed the border, even hosting video games that were not originally designed to be played via a pocket device.

Given, however, the forecasts made on the future scarce room for growth of their market, we will see what new gimmicks the developers will invent to keep the market alive.