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Samsung presents the new ISOCELL HP3 image sensor

Samsung introduces the ISOCELL HP3 image sensor with the smallest 0.56μm pixel in the industry

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.(here for more about the company) the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, unveiled today ISOCELL HP3 and 200 MP. HP3 is the image sensor with pixels from 0,56 micrometri (μm) smallest in the industry.

Since launching its first 108MP image sensor in 2019, Samsung has led the trend of developing next-generation ultra-high resolution cameras. Through the constant launch of new image sensors and performance improvements, the company is once again moving forward with ISOCELL HP3 skin 0.56μm 200MP. ISOCELL HP3, with a pixel size smaller than 12% compared to the 0.64μm of the predecessor, packs 200 million pixels in a 1 / 1.4 optical format, which is the diameter of the area captured through the camera lens. This means that ISOCELL HP3 can enable one reduction of about 20% of the camera module surface, allowing smartphone makers to keep their premium devices slim.


the following are the first statements regarding the new ISOCELL HP3 image sensor

Samsung has consistently led the image sensor market trend due to its technology leadership in high resolution sensors with the smallest pixels,

he has declared JoonSeo Yim, executive vice president of the sensor business team at Samsung Electronics. Which adds

With our latest and updated 0.56μm 200MP ISOCELL HP3, Samsung will push forward to deliver epic resolutions beyond professional levels for smartphone camera users.

Technical characteristics of the new ISOCELL HP3 image sensor

ISOCELL HP3 comes with an autofocus solution Super QPD, which means that all the pixels in the sensor have autofocus capability. Additionally, Super QPD uses a single lens on four adjacent pixels to detect phase differences in both horizontal and vertical directions. This paves the way for more accurate and faster autofocus for smartphone camera users.

The sensor also allows users to shoot video in 8K a 30 frames per second (FPS) or 4K a 120 fps, with minimal loss in the field of view when shooting 8K video. Combined with the Super QPD solution, users can capture movie-like cinematic footage with their mobile devices. ISOCELL HP3 also offers an exceptional experience in low light conditions, with the Tetra2pixel technology. This combines four pixels into one to transform the 200MP 0.56μm sensor into a 50MP 1.12μm sensor or a 2.24μm pixel 12.5MP sensor by combining 16 pixels into one. The technology allows the sensor to simulate a large pixel sensor to take brighter, more vibrant photos even in low-light environments, such as indoors or at night.

Smart-ISO Pro function

To maximize the dynamic range of the moving image sensor, ISOCELL HP3 adopts a function Smart-ISO Pro improved. The technology combines the image information obtained from the two conversion gains of low and high ISO mode to create images HDR. The updated version of the technology features a triple ISO mode (Low, Medium and High), which further expands the dynamic range of the sensor. In addition, the improved Smart-ISO Pro allows the sensor to express images with beyond 4 trillion colors (14-bit color depth), 64 times more colors than the predecessor’s 68 billion (12-bit). In addition, by supporting offset HDR together with Smart-ISO Pro, the ISOCELL HP3 can switch between solutions depending on the shooting environment to produce high quality HDR images. Samples of the Samsung ISOCELL HP3 are currently available and mass production is expected to begin this year.

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