Samsung ready to launch the first foldable tablet

Samsung pronta a lanciare il primo tablet pieghevole thumbnail

There are only a few days left until the presentation of the new folding smartphones from Samsung. But the South Korean company seems to have other interesting surprises in store for us. According to Naver, in fact, Samsung will announce its first foldable tablet the same day he will present the new series Galaxy Tab S9. That is around January / February 2023at least according to some calculations related to the production line of the past year.

Samsung: the foldable tablet will arrive on the market at the beginning of 2023

It’s no secret that Samsung has been tinkering with foldable display technology for about a decade. A research work that has resulted in the first model of Galaxy Fold, and which has seen significant improvements over the years. Meanwhile, Samsung Display has worked to design displays with ever new shapes: folding, sliding and even rollable. And he even thought about releasing a laptop Galaxy Book pieghevole 17-inch.

All this to say that the Korean company has always been interested in conquering the sector of tech devices with a folding screen. It is certainly no coincidence, then, that the rumors on the Net speak of an almost imminent launch of the first foldable tablet from Samsung. Again, the basic principle will be the same: provide a large screen in a compact form factor that can expand. Indeed, according to what has been leaked, the company will use the so-called series Galaxy Z Tab/Flex S to consolidate its leadership in the folding sector.