Samsung ready to release the Galaxy VR headset

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Samsung would finally seem ready to release its visore Galaxy VR. This is confirmed by a patent recently filed by the Korean company. If so, Samsung would seem intent on the long line of companies struggling with products related to virtual reality, such as Google, Apple and Meta. But let’s find out something more.

Galaxy VR, Samsung’s headset ready to be released on the market

The development of virtual reality appears to have followed a somewhat mixed path at Samsung, yet now the company appears to be making significant progress in the sector. THE Gear VR viewers they were among the first products to be released by the company when it entered the world of virtual reality, but now everything seems to be about to change. According to some rumors leaked on the Net by LetsGoDigital, in the near future a Galaxy VR viewer could arrive on the market. In fact, last March 30th was filed a first patent of the device at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). And, apparently, a patent of the same name had already been filed in Austria in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy VRCredits: LetsGoDigital

From what we know, Samsung has actually been working on the Galaxy VR headset for some time now. Not surprisingly, during the Mobile World Congress in February, the CEO of Samsung Han Jong-hee hinted at a VR device. And now filing the patent could finally mean the company is really ready to release its headset to market. Of course, there hasn’t been an official confirmation from Samsung yet, but the fact that there is so much talk about it on the Net means a lot. Ready for Galaxy VR then?

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