Samsung shows the tests carried out on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3

Samsung mostra i test effettuati su Galaxy Z Fold3 e Flip3 thumbnail

Samsung has tested the new folding smartphones in all ways to prove their resistance. And with a video on the official website, he showed us these endurance tests carried out on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 e Flip3 5G. Among the tests, there are the use of an environmental chamber, water resistance, usability of the S Pen and closure test.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3, the endurance tests revealed in a video

Foldable smartphones are the most advanced point of research in this area. Producing innovative designs with screens that fold requires years of research and testing of new materials used. Like l’Armor Aluminium, developed by Samsung to increase the resistance of its foldables. But also all those operations to optimize the components on the display panel, to meet the highest standards even with a smartphone that folds.

Before putting Galaxy Z Fol 3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 on the market, Samsung tested them thoroughly. But for the first time he decided to show videos of these tests he subjected his smartphones to. You can see them in the video below.

The first test that Samsung has subjected to smartphones is that of environmental chamber. This allows you to verify that features such as video playback and cameras work well even in different climatic conditions. Hot, cold, humid, dry.

Then Samsung carried out the tests for the water resistance, which are used to determine how waterproof the device is. Even by varying the different openings, including the Flex mode. Tests on the use of S Pen they are used to evaluate the performance of the display digitizer, including the flex point.

In addition, Samsung has subjected the devices to several “bends”, to evaluate how many it can withstand before any deterioration. The minimum goal achieved is 200 thousand folds, which means five years of use by opening and closing the smartphone 100 times a day.

With these tests, Samsung wants to reassure all buyers that foldable smartphones have matured enough to be used without fear. Eliminating the fear of new technology e leaving only curiosity.