Toshiba’s storage systems confirm high reliability

I sistemi di archiviazione di Toshiba confermano un'elevata affidabilità thumbnail

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, back in 2017, he installed a sistema di storage ZFS to meet the data storage needs of the “Technology Experience Lab” di NTT Global Data Centers. Over the course of these approximately four years, Toshiba’s storage system has demonstrated ahigh reliability. According to what the company reports, in fact, the storage system worked correctly and constantly, without any damage to the components.

Toshiba’s storage system confirms high reliability

This is a remarkable achievement for the Toshiba’s storage system. This system, in fact, is composed of 60 HDDs, SSDs, controllers, power supplies, fans or cables. Toshiba’s project includes 102 TB of net storage and 240 TB of gross unformatted capacity, using JovianDSS software from Toshiba partner Open-E’s ZFS-based JovianDSS.

Much of the success of the project is related to the planning stage. The company selected Toshiba’s enterprise-class 4TB hard drives (MG04SCA40EA) with a SAS interface and 3.5 ″ format to meet the required requirements. To reduce the risk of HDD failure, a specific housing has been designed to protect the components from heat, one of the main causes of failure.

Up to now, underlines Toshiba, the system has not registered any faults. The goal is to keep making it work to explore its reliability.

NTT Global Data Centers comment

Dominik Friedel, Business Development Manager of NTT Global Data Centers, points out: “The Technology Experience Lab benefits greatly from this storage solution, and we are truly amazed by its stability. Set within our highly available data centers, I can’t imagine a more reliable way to manage enterprise storage. We expect many more years of failure-free operation “