Samsung unveils the concept of its foldable laptop

Samsung svela il concept del suo laptop pieghevole thumbnail

Samsung is pushing a lot in the foldable phone industry and its latest foldables have achieved record sales. The company now wants to expand its foldable displays too in the world of laptops, presenting at CES 2022 the concept of the Flex Note foldable notebook.

Flex Note, Samsung’s foldable laptop anticipated at CES 2022

Sammobile, the site dedicated to Samsung fans, was invited by the company to preview the Flex Note. It is, at the moment, a concept, but it shows what is possible in technology and what we can expect for the future. The folding screen laptop is capable of transform from a 13 “form factor when folded to a 17” monitor when fully extended. Obviously, from a first glance, you can understand the incredible potential of a laptop capable of becoming a larger monitor.

One of the strengths of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the sheer flexibility of the device. Full opening essentially eliminates the need for a separate tablet or e-reader and you can still use it as a “normal” smartphone when closed. Likewise, the Flex Note could allow people to use it as a compact laptop (using the bottom half as a virtual keyboard) or as a portable monitor.

That said, the foldable laptop isn’t technically a revolution in the tech realm. Lenovo has tried its hand at the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold nel 2020. Also Asus, on the occasion of this CES 2022, presented a foldable laptop. L’Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED is a 17.3 ”OLED laptop that features a large 4: 3 touchscreen with 2K resolution when fully opened. When folded, however, you can take advantage of the full-size keyboard and ASUS ErgoSense Bluetooth touchpad as if it were a normal laptop.

The good news for those interested in this form factor, and as we understand from CES 2022, is that this appears to be the year of folding screens. Intel also announced that it is working on a foldable display specification that could help accelerate the adoption of foldable laptops. Unfortunately, Samsung’s Flex Note seems to be more of a prototype, it is not known when and if it will really be available to the public, but the premises are super valid.