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Samsung updates Bixby: the assistant becomes even smarter

Bixby is the voice assistant of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. His next one is about to be launched update which will make it even faster and smarter. Here’s how.

The Bixby update improves it in every way

The AI-powered voice assistant of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone lineup has received a number of improvements over the years. This latest update, announced by the company, seems to make it even faster and smarter. It will offer better language recognition capabilities and more control over the user’s mobile experience.

The Bixby update allows it to remember previous conversations to offer better performance

The new Bixby update brings new voice assistant performance. Among these, we find the activation phrase customizable by users, via the Settings section.

In addition, the digital voice assistant remembers conconversations previously made with the user. Now he can understand better user intentions and better answer follow-up questions. Not only that: you can ask Bixby to play music depending on the exercise chosen on Samsung Health.

Bixby is also improving the AI support on device. It can execute some key commands without an active internet connection. You can ask it to take a screenshot or turn on the flashlight, and Bixby will do it right away. This on-device AI support is currently available for stock Samsung apps and supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Korean languages.

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Bixby Text Call to answer calls through messages

Bixby Text Call, similar to Google’s call screen, allows users to answer calls by typing messages. Converts a user’s text to audio and communicates on behalf of the user to callers and vice versa. This nifty feature is now available for English users. Bixby Text Call is available on Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, with One UI 5.1 (One UI 4.1.1 for Korean users).

Users can customize their Bixby Text Call voice using Bixby Custom Voice Creator. They can record different phrases on the screen, which Bixby then uses to analyze and create an AI-generated voice. This feature is currently available in South Korea, and Samsung plans to bring it beyond the Phone app in the future, but it will soon be available on all Galaxy S23 series phones.

With a software update, all new Bixby features will start rolling out to compatible smartphones and tablets by the end of the month.

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