TomTop: what it is, reliability and shipping times

Matteo De Filippi

In this article we will find out what TomTop is, its reliability and functioning with the relative shipping times in Italy and beyond

How many times, looking for some product online, have you come across some unknown eCommerce. Among the many problems that can be encountered in the various online stores there are obviously the reliability eh Shipping Times which may be biblical. Let’s face it, having your money cheated is never nice and sometimes neither is waiting for a product for a few months. Today in this article we will tell you about TomTop, we will explain what it iswe will dwell on thereliability or less of this eCommerce and we will list the delivery times of the products.

TomTop: what it is, reliability and shipping times

What is TomTop and site reliability

This is an e-commerce site registered since June 2004a reliable online retail store, with high quality products of all kinds, which can be purchased at the best price compared to other Chinese e-commerce sites, and even through a free coupon. Some of these are even hard to find for sale here in Europe. Among the various products that you can buy are video games, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, clothing, home and garden items, jewellery, media player, car accessories, RC models and accessories, and so on. To view all the products on salewe leave you the link to take a look at the site.

This eCommerce has such a wide offer that Since 2006, it has been a Gold Supplier of Alibaba, the largest virtual marketplace in the world. This certificate is issued by ACP, a third-party credit agency. Being a Gold Supplier also guarantees a TrustPass profile, which is a list of verified information, parts of which are very useful when evaluating suppliers on Alibaba. This data is extrapolated directly from the commercial licenses of the suppliers from which a lot of information can be drawn.

It is therefore a reliable supplier, but if this is still not enough for you, know that TomTop enjoys the verifica Paypal Merchant e you McAfee Secure. While the latter implies that eCommerce is tested and certified every day to pass McAfee security tests (protection from identity theft, viruses, spyware and other online threats), the former indicates that it is secure in terms of payments and therefore it is not a scam.

TomTop: what it is, reliability and shipping times

TomTop shipping times

Although it is therefore an eCommerce based in China, delivery times are not that high as happens, for example, with other Chinese competitors. This is possible because the sale of products is also done through warehouses located throughout Europe and not only. Each of these is then set up to ship the products to certain countries. For example, US warehouse will only ship to America.

Otherwise it concerns instead the German one which can ship worldwide, although it is recommended by the same company for Europe only. The latter is therefore the most recommended for us Italians, with shipping times ranging from 3 to 8 working days with DHL courier. However we can always take advantage of the Chinese one with times ranging from 7 to 25 working days for standard delivery or 3-7 working days if DHL is preferred.

To these is added then also the warehouse in the UK which can ship the goods to 3-7 business days if using UPS o in 5-12 business days but without tracking if you opt for the service Royal Mail. In short, very short times and which could certainly please those who do not want to wait a month before receiving a product.

For this article on what TomTop is, its reliability and shipping times is everything. What do you think of this eCommerce? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the web and social universe, continue to follow the pages of!