Samsung wants to win against Apple with the “tiger strategy”

Samsung vuole vincere contro Apple con la "strategia della tigre" thumbnail

2022 in the Chinese calendar is the year of the tiger, and it seems that Samsung is taking inspiration from the animal to compete with Apple in the American market with the so-called “strategy of the tiger“. This plan is currently being discussed by a group of approximately 40 executives who met in Las Vegas at CES 2022, the annual technology show.

Samsung fights Apple with the tiger strategy

The acronym Tiger should stand for “True number one in all categories,” “Improve flagship market share,” “Gap between Apple,” “Expanding” e “Record year”, all aspects on which the Korean company expects to improve during this 2022, trying to penetrate that market segment on which Apple is already very strong, namely that of North American consumers.

“Our MX vision [mobile experience] is to move from a smartphone supplier to a smart device company. We will not be a technology brand, but a brand loved by the younger generation, which will provide an innovative experience, ”said the head of mobile phone Samsung TM Roh during the meeting of executives at CES 2022.

Samsung will also face supply problems related to the global chip shortage if it hopes to hit record sales and tackle Apple. After all, the Galaxy S21 FE It has been delayed for months due to the shortage, while according to several rumors, some of the company’s Galaxy A series mid-range phones had several production slowdowns last year.

However, a report from early December suggests the company is indeed taking several steps in this regard, likely bracing itself for a hot year. Whether or not it succeeds in its intent to position itself as Apple’s competitor we will find out in the coming months, when we will have a more complete picture of the mobile market.