Samsung will announce the new Galaxy Book alongside the Galaxy S23

Samsung annuncerà il nuovo Galaxy Book insieme ai Galaxy S23 thumbnail

Even in 2023 Samsung will continue to put its laptops in the spotlight: in fact, it seems that it will announce new ones Galaxy Book 3 along with the series of smartphone Galaxy S23, flagship product of the Korean brand. And it seems to want to launch new software solutions to integrate the whole ecosystem.

Samsung, the new Galaxy Book 3 arrives together with the Galaxy S23

According to rumors directly from South Korea, it seems that Samsung wants to organize its first Galaxy Unpacked 2023 already in the first week of February, probably the first of the month. And it seems that it will be a longer event than usual: in addition to the new smartphones, the new laptops will also arrive.

These will be computers with top-level datasheets. There are no precise data yet, but they should be based on the best performing processors 13th generation Intel. Some laptops will have GPU dedicated, even if at the moment we don’t know the manufacturer (AMD? Nvidia?).

Furthermore, the new Galaxy Books should boast i display Super AMOLED di Samsung, of excellent workmanship like those of the previous models. With some that will have ai support S Pen which you can also use on the brand’s smartphones.

We expect that, as seen in the last Unpacked events, the focus will remain on the Korean brand’s ecosystem of products. So we expect software to better handle it connection with Galaxy smartphones and tabletsin addition to the auricolari true wireless.

There could also be news from the point of view of laptops, with higher refresh screens as seen in some new Samsung monitors. And perhaps a focus on gaming, given the novelties brought to the TV front with the Gaming Hub last year.

In short, Samsung will want to show that the strength of its devices is not only in the quality of the single product but also in the way they work together. And it will do so by presenting i Galaxy Book together with the new Galaxy S23.

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