Harry Potter: reboot coming for the unforgettable saga?

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According to some rumors, Warner Bros. Discovery would like to work on a reboot of one of the most loved sagas of all time: Harry Potter

The news is still fresh, but it has already made all fans who grew up with a very clear idea of ​​who Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the other characters who turned the Harry Potter saga into a cult were stunned. A real symbol for the Millennial generation, who grew up with the adventures of the wizard; since then the success has been timeless, so much so that today’s adults still have this world in their hearts and hold onto it tightly. However, the love for this saga did not stop at the children of the 2000s, because there are many young people born in the following years who love the exploits of Harry and his friends. Yet, although it is hard to believe, for the new generations this may no longer be the case. After the announcement of a TV series, it would appear that Warner Bros. is working on a reboot of the original series.

The statements of David Zaslav | Harry Potter reboot

The first rumors had originated in November, when David ZaslavCEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, had stated:

Our idea is to focus on franchises. We haven’t made a Harry Potter film for 15 years. The Harry Potter films have provided much of Warner Bros. Motion Pictures’ profits over the past 25 years. […] When you have a movie franchise, you can often make 2 to 3 times the amount of money you make in the US because you get a slot. And a focus on the great movies that are loved, that get people out of the house, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, if we can do anything with JK Rowling on Harry Potter we’ll move on, and then Lord of the Rings. What are we doing with Game of Thrones? What are we doing with many of the big franchises that we control? We are focused on franchises.

For lovers of cinema and the sagas mentioned above, these words could hurt, because they would be the confirmation of what many have been saying for years: squeezing a successful product, to obtain the greatest profit from it. We are well aware that in many cases this type of ideology has led to the creation of products that have nothing to do with the originals, but that people still look at. Because? For the love of the original work.

Harry Potter: reboot coming for the unforgettable saga?

WDW Pro Statements | Harry Potter reboot

The rumors about a possible Harry Potter reboot don’t stop there, however. Recently discovered and leaked WDW Pro in fact, in a tweet he argued that one of the next goals of Warner Bros. would be precisely to give new life to the film franchise of the saga. WDW focused on this possible reboot:

This could also include recasting some of the roles that have become iconic within the Harry Potter universe thanks to the main actors and characters. […] We are not talking about secondary works. We are talking about the original Harry Potter saga. They will choose a new cast for Harry, Hermione, Ron. They will start over.

And you? Would you be ready to start from scratch and review the saga without the historical actors who made it a worldwide success? We’ll see, of course, if we have more news related to this possible reboot of Harry Potter, we will not hesitate to update you.

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