Samsung will remove the S Pen from the Galaxy Z Fold5

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It seems that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will not have a built-in S Pen slot, although a great many fans are waiting for it. According to South Korean newspapers, Samsung would have decided to remove a slot for the S Pen because it would make the device too thick.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will not have an S Pen

Sources in South Korea report that the Galaxy Z Fold5 will have a new hinge design, meant to minimize the crease. In addition, it will have a different internal hardware layout, which it wouldn’t leave room for an S Pen slot.

In the planning stage, Samsung would have thought of making a Slimmer S Pen for Galaxy Z Fold5, but would instead decide to scrap the pen slot altogether. An S Pen that is too thin would not give a good writing experience, limiting the effectiveness of the device.

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This non-news will not make users happy who expect to find the S Pen included in the device, although they will perhaps be able to remedy this with the official covers that Samsung could launch. And they can take comfort in knowing that Samsung is working on one new version of the S Pen designed to be thinner without limiting the usability of the device. Which could come with Fold6.

However, this news remains a rumor, so it may not be true. We should probably wait until August for the official launch of the product. But Samsung should start production soon: so we could find out more details that are leaking among the brand’s suppliers. We will keep you posted.

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