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Samsung will supply 120 million OLED panels to Apple for future iPads

Apple it gradually passed da LCD a OLED on the iPhone, and it looks like the same transition will eventually occur on the iPad, although the transition will likely begin with the mini-LEDs. Like always, Samsung it is expected to fulfill most of these orders and, according to sources familiar with the matter, the Korean giant has received 120 million iPad OLED display orders.

iPad with OLED display, Samsung will supply 120 million panels to Apple

While BOE strives to improve the quality of its OLED screens for Apple to use in future iPhones and iPads, the Korea Times reports that the company will depend on Samsung and LG to complete orders. On Sunday, an executive revealed the number of orders both producers are expected to receive.

iPad Pro miniLED on the right.

“Regarding the question of who will be the primary supplier, Samsung Display will maintain the status of first as it is expected to provide 120 million OLED panels for future iPads. But Apple is also moving towards LG Display as LG has won from Apple the supply of 50 million OLED screens for the new generation iPad, more than double the amount previously received. “

BOE, on the other hand, it would reportedly provide OLED for refurbished models, but it’s unclear whether those displays will be used on the iPhone, iPad, or both. The Californian giant could launch the first OLED iPad in 2023; although a separate report said that this specific model will launch a year earlier. One of the reasons Apple is switching from mini-LED to OLED is to minimizeeffetto blooming, hence the halos.

According to the analyst Ross Young, the mini-LED on the iPad Pro M1 causes a blooming effect due to the lack of dimming zones. This halo effect can be eliminated with the use of OLED technology. Apple, however, would be waiting because of the high costs and the burn-in effect that has manifested itself in a significant number of previously launched smartphones.

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