Wondershare PDFelement: Convert PDF to Word on macOS

We often have to convert PDF files to Word files and with Wondershare PDFelement it is even easier even on macOS. Let’s find out together

Nowadays we now live in some huge libraries just a click away. Whether it’s books or simple business or personal documents, everything is now contained in our storage. This ensures an optimization of physical space and saves paper and therefore also takes a look at the environment. Among the most common types of files we certainly find those .docx, referring to Word and those .pdf that refer to the files PDF.

Although Microsoft allows us to choose the extension with which our work will be saved at the end – you can therefore choose between .docx and .pdf -, it is not possible to convert PDF files to Word directly. We are therefore forced to often use online services designed for conversion. But are we sure that our data and the information reported are kept safe and are not the target of some malicious people? In order not to take risks of this kind Wondershare has updated PDFelement, the software that allows you to convert PDF files to Word directly on your Windows PC and now also on macOS.

We know Wondershare PDFelement, the software to convert PDF files to Word files even on macOS

PDFelement comes to its version 8.0, also introducing compatibility for Apple systems. A very wise move, especially after the arrival of the Office package on computers with the “apple”. Think about how many times you have had to modify a .pdf file and not be able to do anything because you could not convert it. Thanks to this software, however, everything will be much simpler. Its interface guarantees a truly simple user experience, allowing anyone to use it safely.

Moreover, with this new version too conversion quality has taken a fairly substantial buff with a 50% increase. However, this is not the only quality of the software. PDFelement is indeed equipped with plugins OCR. This function allows the recognition of text in images, so that it can be extrapolated and converted into textual format to be modified later. In short, so many very useful features for this Wondershare software.

It is also equipped with a light theme and a dark theme, so that it can best adapt to the user’s needs. Also it can convert PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint, in simple images or even in .epub, .rtf, .html and even .hwp files. Through the software we can also edit PDFs directly, take notes or even sign them directly. Everything is available in various packages available for purchase depending on your needs, but it is also possible download a trial version.

For more details and to test the program, we refer you to the official page of one of the best tools to convert PDF to Word, remembering the release of the PDFelement 8.0 version for Mac.

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