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Samsung working on 6G

Good new from Samsung Electronics, which in these days has released a document entitled “6G Spectrum: Expanding the Frontier“, in which it reveals its plans for the next generation Network standard. The 6G, in fact. An absolutely incredible novelty for the Korean company, and beyond. So let’s find out what will be the surprises that Samsung will reserve for us in the future.

Samsung: 6G will be the new network standard of the future

“We began our journey a long time ago to understand, develop and standardize 6G communication technology. We are committed to taking the initiative and sharing our findings to spread our vision to bring the next hyper-connected experience to every corner of life. ” So she stated Sunghyun Choi, Executive VP of Samsung and Head of the Advanced Communications Research Center, on the 6G Network development project. According to what was announced, this would require an ultra-wide bandwidth spectrum ranging from “hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz”.

Samsung 6G

To put it in practical terms, therefore, this will allow you to have high fidelity moving holograms and one incredibly immersive extended reality (XR). And as if that weren’t enough, Samsung is also focusing on improving the coverage of the next-generation communications standard. Precisely for this, the company is considering all bands available for 6G: from the low band below 1GHz to the medium band in the range from 1 to 24Gh, and then to the high bands in the range from 24 to 300GHz. And indeed, speaking of the improvements brought by the 6G, Samsung claims that the speed of the Network could reach up to 1 Terabit per second (Tbps). That is 50 times higher than the 20 Gbps of 5G networks.

During testing in June 2021, the company managed to demonstrate a data rate of 6 Gbps at a distance of 15 meters inside a closed place. At a distance of 30 meters, the Network managed to have a data rate of 12 Gbps. And at a good 120 meters away, the speed still reached 2.3 Gbps. In short, data that create great expectations regarding Samsung’s 6G. Although the company has not yet released any clearer details regarding its project.

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