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Samsung’s foldable smartphones are a hit

It just seems like the last ones Samsung Galaxy foldable are a success. Samsung has indeed sold four times more foldable in 2021 than in 2020 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, after just one month of release, had surpassed the total cumulative sales of their predecessors. The company’s folding smartphones would have broken into the hearts of many users: in fact, more people have switched to Samsung for the Flip 3 than its other flagship devices.

Are leaflets the future of smartphones? Samsung’s data

While Samsung hasn’t posted specific numbers, it claimed to have seen a 150% increase of consumers who switched smartphone brands for the Flip 3 compared to the Galaxy Note 20 and 140% compared to the Galaxy S21. The Flip’s form factor is obviously its main attraction, along with the front screen which gives users a way to use the phone without having to open it. As for the Fold 3, people who responded to Samsung’s survey said they bought it for its big screen, the multitasking capabilities and S Pen support.

In its post, Samsung said foldable smartphones should grow tenfold by 2023. He also said he is investing heavily in research and development to be able to keep up with rival devices already on the market and those that are sure to appear.

And foldable rivals

One of these competitors is the telephone P50 Pocket on Huawei, which is the company’s first model that folds vertically like the Galaxy Z Flip. It features a circular external screen, which recalls the design of the photographic module placed just below, to create continuity. This can be used to see notifications on the fly as well as a screen to frame yourself during a selfie. The main sensor is from 40MPThere is also a 13MP ultrawide sensor and 32MP “super spectrum” optics that should capture a larger spectrum of colors. The internal screen is 6.9 ”with a 21: 9 aspect ratio and the smartphone is powered by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4G and a 4000mAh battery.

Huawei P50 Pocket.

Recently also Oppo announced its foldable smartphone, called Find N, released on December 23 in China. Although the Find N is the company’s first foldable to hit the market, Oppo claimed to be the sixth model made: the other five did not meet brand and consumer standards and never debuted in stores. This foldable folds horizontally, like the Galaxy Z Fold line, and comes with two screens: an external 4.9 “ with an 18: 9 aspect ratio and an internal one – the larger one that reveals itself once the smartphone is opened – 7.1 “and an 8.4: 9 ratio. According to Oppo, the hinge guarantees 200,000 openings and is called Flexion Hinge: It is made up of 136 components and boasts a unique design. You can read all the technical features in our dedicated article.

Oppo Find N.

The new Microsoft patent

Microsoft over the years it has released two book-folding devices, the Surface Duo and the Surface Duo 2, but recently a new patent has appeared that anticipates the company’s future plans. Some newspapers have already named the device present in the patent Surface Trio, as it features two hinges and apparently 3 displays.

Also Xiaomi approached the world of leaflets with hers Mi Mix Fold, but now it appears to be planning to release a foldable shell. The company has in fact patented at CNIPA – Chinese National Association for Intellectual Property – a smartphone with a design similar to that of a Samsung Z Flip 3. Apparently, this will have a small rectangular section on the outside. con display and dual camera setup. The patent images also show a small cutout above the camera module, which we can interpret as the housing for the LED flash.

It is rumored that too Apple want to get on the foldable wagon, but a foldable could only arrive after 2024. In short, all companies have understood that this type of smartphone is the future and we will certainly see some good ones in the coming months and years to come.

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