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Samsung’s proposals for Valentine’s Day 2023

February is the month of Valentine’s Day and, as far as gifts are concerned, Samsung offers us several interesting ideas for a perfect gift

February is the month dedicated to love, with February 14 crowning the romantic dream with a dedicated day. For those who choose to put themselves to the test in the kitchen with a romantic dinner at home, Samsung comes to help: while you juggle the stove, the new robot vacuum cleaner prepares the house clean and ideal for a welcoming atmosphere. Let’s see below the proposals for Valentine’s Day of Samsung.

San Valentino con Samsung: JetBot 90 AI+

JetBot 90 AI+ is the world’s first smart robot vacuum cleaner from the South Korean multinational, with Intel Artificial Intelligence that guarantees extraordinary floor cleaning with minimal effort. JetBot 90 AI+ moves around the house just like us, thanks to the combination of sensors and advanced AI technologyable to recognize objects. A LiDAR sensorsimilar to the one installed in self-driving cars, detects the distance from objects and walls, e trace and path which allows the robot to move around the house with precise movements. A sensore 3D it also recognizes the difference between objects such as a toy or a chair leg, detecting even small objects that might be on the floor, and recognizing the planimetry of the room to carry out the maneuvers smoothly.

Samsung's proposals for Valentine's Day 2023

Thanks to an algorithm that recognizes objects and maps the safest and most efficient path, JetBot 90 AI+ uses this information to clean around objects on the floor – getting as close as possible and maintaining a safe distance from fragile or delicate objects – or to bend down and clean under the furniture, and finally to avoid objects classified as dangerous. While cleaning, the JetBot 90 AI+ advanced digital inverter maximizes the suction force and 30W of his system Jet Cyclone, capturing both dust in the air and dirt on the floor. The self-cleaning brush, made of light fibers of a soft woven fabric, captures dust on every surface, even in the most difficult corners.

Dust disposal and App

When the cleaning session is over, JetBot 90 AI+ autonomously returns to its Clean Station, already seen in Italy as an accessory for electric brooms Samsung Jet. This Samsung dust disposal solution, which collects household dirt in a bag that only needs to be replaced once every two to three months, completely eliminates the dispersion of dust and impurities in the air when emptying.

By connecting to the smartphone, through the Samsung SmartThings app, JetBot 90 AI+ allows you to control the robot vacuum cleaner remotely, wherever you are, to plan a cleaning or set the prohibited areas on the house map. JetBot 90 AI+ it is also equipped with camera, it is therefore possible connect through smartphone when away, for keep an eye on your home and any pets.

And why not continue the evening with a romantic film shown with The Freestyle? So even romanticism becomes dynamic and boundless…

The Freestyle: the new portable projector from Samsung ideal for Valentine’s Day

The Freestyle is the new portable projector dedicated to entertainment. Equipped with unprecedented technology and flexibility, it offers optimal images and limitless entertainment to consumers who want to take their favorite audio-visual content with them everywhere. The Freestyle appeals to the generations Gen Z e Millennial and packs a projector, smart speakers, and audio system into one lightweight, portable device ambient lighting. The Freestyle pesa solo 830 grams and easily transform any room into a movie theatre.

Samsung's proposals for Valentine's Day 2023

Unlike traditional compact projectors, The Freestyle rotate up to 180° thanks to the versatile stand and always allows a playback video in high quality: on a table, on the floor, on the walls or even on the ceiling, without the need for additional screens. In 2023 it is enriched by the new function Smart EDGE Blending, thanks to which you can use two projectors at the same time to play content in 21:9 without aligning or adjusting anything manually. The 2023 model of The Freestyle will also support Samsung Gaming Hub, to have entertainment always at hand.

Are you looking forward to spending this Valentine’s Day with these ideas from Samsung? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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