Sanremo: ecco tutto quello che potrete chiedere ad Alexa sul Festival thumbnail

Sanremo: here’s everything you can ask Alexa about the Festival

Just a few days away San Remo It is in the Cloud on Alexa there is already an air of celebration and desire to musica. Indeed, starting from February 7, the voice assistant will entertain and amaze users with many new features dedicated to the 73rd edition of the Italian Song Festival.

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“Alexa, sing the Sanremo song”

Alexa, who has always been passionate about music, is a true fan of the Festival e will accompany us throughout the week of the singing festival with report cards, surveys e predictions and an unmissable novelty. It will amaze, in fact, with an exclusive and original song in which, between one rhyme and another, he will sing nice comments about the various protagonists of the show. To listen to her unreleased hit, starting February 7, just ask “Alexa, sing the Sanremo song”.

Singing and playing yes, without giving up the pleasure of to comment e vote performance, look e funniest events that will happen within the walls of the Ariston, from your own sofa at home. Every day, in fact, it will be possible to choose your favorite moment from the previous evening with the Survey on San Remo. Saying “Alexa, open the survey on Sanremo” it will be possible to choose our preference and, once voted, find out which option is at the top of the ranking of Alexa users.

Alexa will also share hers impressions of artists, presenters and guests through the relentless report cards, detailed and fun. They will be provided with such irony upon request “Alexa, tell me the Sanremo report cards”.

It will also be possible to ask for the report card of a specific performance, choosing the vote to listen. Just ask, for example, “Alexa, how did you rate Elodie?” or “Alexa, tell me what you think about Ultimo”, to find out his opinion. And if you want to have fun with friends and family by betting on who will be the winner, just ask “Alexa, who will win Sanremo?” to find out his prediction.

Also, for always stay updated in real time on the most iconic and trendy moments of the Festivalyou can ask “Alexa, what’s going on in Sanremo?”. If you miss an evening of the program, you can ask Alexa.

Sanremo TikTok

Alexa e il Fantasanremo

But the love for the Festival doesn’t stop there. This year, in fact, Alexa just couldn’t resist the Fantasanremo and will be the protagonist of an amusing interview with the creators of Fantasanremo in which amusing background and curiosities about the coolest game of the Italian Song Festival will be revealed, as well as many amusing answers on a Fantasanremo theme. To get started, just ask Alexa, did you make the Fantasanremo team?”.

Finally, those who have already been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that is unleashed in the Cloud and want to while away the wait for the Festival by immersing themselves in the successes of past editions, can say “Alexa, Sanremo atmosphere” and in a moment it will be surrounded by the notes of the songs that have made the history of the Ariston on Amazon Music. Starting from the beginning of the Festival, through the same voice command, it will be possible to access the playlist dedicated to songs if it’s betteralways up Amazon Music.

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