Amazon: record di quantità di energia rinnovabile acquistata da una singola azienda in un anno thumbnail

Amazon: record amount of renewable energy purchased by a single company

Amazon remains the top corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world, with 401 green projects globally for a total of more than 20 GW. A primacy also achieved thanks to the 2 new rooftop photovoltaic projects at the Rome and Bitonto (BA) sites. These are added to the 20 projects already active in Italy, for a total capacity of over 115 MW, enough to power over 90,000 Italian homes.

More generally, Amazon has implemented its own renewable energy projects in only 22 countries, generating the 20 GW which, in perspective, would be enough to power 15.3 million homes in Europe.

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Amazon’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

On the Italian territory, of the 22 active projects, 17 are already existing on-site while 3 are announced off-site, for a total capacity in Italy of over 115 MW. The company’s solar and wind purchases continue to add renewable energy to the electricity grids that power its operations. These include Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers, Amazon fulfillment centers and its physical stores in various locations around the world.

Continued investments that have guaranteed Amazon a new record for the amount of renewable energy purchased by a single company in a year. In fact, the company continues to be the number one corporate purchaser of renewable energy, position it occupies as of 2020 according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Amazon’s goal is to fuel its businesses with the 100% renewable energy by 2025five years ahead of the initial 2030 target.

“We are pleased to be on track to power our operations with 100% renewable energy 5 years ahead of initial target. With 133 renewable-related projects announced in 11 countries in 2022, Amazon has posted another record-breaking year,” he said. Adam Selipski, CEO of AWS. “These projects highlight the variety of our renewable energy sources, and demonstrate our ability to introduce new technologies into new markets and further reduce the impacts of climate change.”

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