Chiamate satellitari per tutti gli smartphone: un test conferma la fattibilità del progetto thumbnail

Satellite calls for all smartphones: it will be possible in the future

And research team from AST Space Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone and Rakuten managed to make a call via satellite link between a smartphone in Texas and one in Japan. A was used to complete the test Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultraa device that is unable to connect to satellites in order to make calls (which, however, can be done by the iPhone 14).

Satellite calls with smartphones: Successful test opens the door to a rosy future

The test involving the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra confirms how any smartphone may be able to make satellite calls. To carry out the communication in question, a specific frequency spectrum was used which allowed the device to connect to the BlueWalker 3 satellite.

The technical details of the test have not yet been disclosed: in any case, the call was successful even using a smartphone not designed to make satellite connections. With the appropriate corrections, therefore, cellular devices could, in the future, be able to connect to satellites to make and receive calls.

During the test, a series of checks were also carried out with various other models. The data collected on the signal strength, downlink and uplink, confirm the ability of devices to support, at least in theory, the typical speeds of 4G and 5G connections. This test represents a starting point towards a future in which satellite calls will become increasingly important and relevant. We will know more, of course, already in the coming months.

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