Top apps and sites to pick up in 2021

All tools for mature singles in dating sites

When life is intense and busy, carving out time to get to know partners becomes difficult and tiring; yet, all you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection to turn the tables

If you’re a mature person looking to hook up with cougar, consider using a dating site. No, these are not meeting points for kids with crazy hormones: dating apps are designed to satisfy and connect people of all ages, sharing the same passions and expectations.

To move safely, do some research on the dating sites that have caught your attention: read user reviews, seek the opinions of professionals and independent bloggers, get recommendations from friends and relatives and then sign up taking advantage of the free offers . Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to get to know mature singles in your area and try out the ones you prefer.

Dating apps? Even for the more mature

Mature age often brings with it good economic and emotional independence, even when work and family commitments are numerous. Many divorced or separated people may be a little rusty while still eager to join the fray, and this is where mature women sites come in handy. Dating apps, in fact, are divided into two main categories:

  • generic apps, aimed at a diverse audience, where you need to use filters correctly. On these sites there are many people and those who live in a large metropolis could find several matches a day.
  • niche apps, dedicated to a particular audience (mature people, mature women looking for young men, etc.). Typically, these cougar dating apps host fewer, but more compatible and motivated users. Those who live in sparsely populated places may have trouble getting matches.

Based on your personal needs, evaluate which types of sites are more suitable for you; if you don’t want to choose, you can also subscribe to multiple sites at the same time.

How to get to know a partner – matchmaking

Each dating site provides users with some tools that allow them to get to know each other better. The most important one, which each user comes across from the very first use, is the matchmaking system.

Based on your preferences (gender of the partner, age, place of residence and other details that some sites allow you to specify), the site will offer you a list of potentially compatible users with whom to interact. Start by leaving a like to everyone you like the most and see who gets back to you. If possible, specify in your biography which relationship you are looking for, in order to only look for partners with the same need.

Keep in mind that in order to get accurate matches, it’s important not to lie about age and not to use doctored or too old profile pictures; age is nothing to be ashamed of, and neither are the ravages of time. Also, on the first live approach (or video call) you risk making a bad impression.

To maximize your chances of getting good matches, instead, choose good quality photos that depict your face (primary photo) and your full figure (secondary photos), perhaps while you are pursuing some hobby that is dear to you. At this stage, it can be useful to get help from a friend or relative: selfies in front of the bathroom mirror don’t do anyone justice.

How to make the most of dating apps for cougar

The first thing to do when you join a dating site is to build a good profile. If you use an app dedicated to casual dating, you will be able to focus mainly on profile photos; if you prefer a long-term relationship, enter as much information about yourself as possible.

Some apps allow you to specify marital status, presence of children, hobbies, relationship with alcohol and smoking, details about physical appearance and many other things. Your profile is the first thing that others will see about you and that you will be able to see about others, so don’t hesitate to build a profile that represents you and read carefully the information of partners with whom to have a match.

Once mutual interest has been established through your profiles, start using the chat: it is an indispensable tool for getting to know partners in complete safety, without involving external telephone numbers or social profiles. Some apps allow users to chat for free if they like each other, others limit the number of free messages per day.

In addition to text messages in real time, you can also send gifs, emojis and photos, or make video calls. The video call is perfect for establishing a little connection between partners before moving on to the live meeting, but not only: in this way you can make sure that the user is really who (and how) he says he is.

Last tip to make the most of dating sites for mature women: if the conversation is lively and the partner is responsive, don’t let too much time pass before proposing a live appointment. On the contrary: if the answers are slow in coming or don’t come at all, don’t take it personally and start over with another user.