Satispay becomes the second startup of one billion in Italy

Satispay diventa la seconda startup da un miliardo in Italia thumbnail

A new Italian unicorn: Satispay closes a 320 million euro investment round and gets one valuation of one billion euros, second startup in Italy to do so. The payment system founded by Alberto Dalmasso, Samuele Pinta and Dario Brigione is already aiming to double its employees for next year.

Satispay, the second startup of one billion in Italy

A company worth one billion euros is truly rare. It is no coincidence that in the jargon it is called unicorn. But with an overall availability of capital from 450 million euros and ten years of experience and commercial relations, Satispay has made it.

Dalmasso comments that: “We now have the necessary resources to unload all our potential on the ground e become the most used payment instrument in Italy and Europe”.

Alberto Dalmasso, Samuele Pinta and Dario Brigione

Il Series D investment round (hence the fourth received) saw the entry of international investors such as the New Yorker Additioncon Greyhound Capital which increases the share. While Coatue, Lightrock, Tencent, Mediolanum e Block remain investors.

Satispay went from zero to three million users by activating its own payments in 205 thousand shops. And with currently 300 employees in Italy, that they will become 600 by 2023.

The company has been able to enter the digital payments sector, which has really been in turmoil since smartphones have become the center of our finances. And being ready even events such as state cashback, for example.

The company is the second Italian unicorn after another fintech (company that develops financial technologies): Scalapay. Although they both actually come later Yooxfounded in 1999 by Federico Marchetti: they are another generation of Italian startups.

With the new round of investments, the company can now continue to expand its horizon and grow. An Italian unicorn ready to run even faster.