Scarlet Nexus: demo coming to Xbox in May

Bandai Namco has announced that the Scarlet Nexus demo will arrive in a few days in preview on the systems of the Xbox family

The Scarlet Nexus demo will make an appearance on the digital stores of the Xbox family starting May 21st. The Japanese company had already announced the arrival of a demo version for its highly anticipated hack and slash game, but we don’t know yet if we will see it. on all systems of the Microsoft ecosystem or only on next generation consoles.

The Scarlet Nexus demo will allow Xbox users to get a taste of the gameplay

The arrival of the Scarlet Nexus demo on Xbox systems will allow users to discover the very interesting gameplay of this title. There is talk of an action game heavily inspired by titles hack and slash come Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, characterized in aesthetics by a strong eastern component. The development team includes both the developers of the acclaimed Code Vein and some of the creators of the popular Tales of series.

Scarlet Nexus: demo coming to Xbox in May

Scarlet Nexus imagery belongs to a particular subgenre of cyberpunk, called “Brainpunk“, Of which the game in question is even the first exponent. The characters of the game, in fact, are able to interface with one enhanced neural network to exploit some superhuman powers, such as that of the psychokinesis. In the course of the game we will be able to use these powers to expand our range of combo and collaborate with our comrades. The game, in fact, should present a campaign told from two different points of view and even some light mechanics from Role playing game.

Scarlet Nexus it looks really in great shape and we can’t wait to try it out. Bandai Namco is very busy lately, as evidenced by the publication of the latest gameplay video of Tales of Arise. Would you like to buy one of its products at discounted price? Then take a look at Instant-Gaming. To stay informed about the world of technology and video games, however, continue to follow us on the pages of

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