Scarlett Johansson: Marvel’s new top secret project

Scarlett Johansson reveals some first news on the mysterious new top secret film by Marvel Cinematic Universe

It hasn’t been long, maybe a few weeks, since Kevin Feige in person he had anticipated the existence of a very mysterious branded project Marvel. The film would see the world star Scarlett Johansson, acclaimed performer of Black Widow, as a producer, so with a role behind the camera and not in front as an actress.

Furthermore, it was Johansson, in a long interview with Collider, who commented on Kevin Feige’s statements on his return to Marvel, with a role that is very different from the one he has played up to now.

The interview with Scarlett Johansson

In the interview, where she spoke generally about her long and prolific career, the actress said:

I’ve been working in this industry for 30 years, which is crazy just to say it out loud! But I think, after all this time, I’m more than capable of understanding how the world of manufacturing works. I learned that fish always rots from the head, which is doubly true when it comes to productions as large as blockbusters, involving hundreds of people. The important thing is to surround yourself only with those people who would not want to be anywhere else, people who dream of being able to have the opportunity you are giving them, so that that family atmosphere is formed in which everyone is rowing in the same direction and for achieve the same goal. This is what happens in Marvel movies, it’s like working with your family members. Marvel has some of the best IPs ever and when you work with them you can really dream big. It’s like a creative playground, and having worked on it for over ten years it’s a playground that I know very well.

After this statement, we just have to wait for new news from the star or Kevin Feige. What will the film be about? Will return to deepen the figure of Black Widow?

These are all questions we are dying to know something about, but until further notice, we will not be able to say for sure. Meanwhile, what is certain is that we will stay here to keep you all informed!

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