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Scooters and go-karts: the new electric solutions by Segway-Ninebot

There is also Segway-Ninebot at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, ​​and for the occasion the brand presented its new electric mobility solutions, including scooters and go-karts. This is the first time ever for the brand at the annual technology fair.

Specifically at the MWC the brand announced the arrival of four new KickScooter seriesbeyond at the entry into the market of full-size scooters L3e-A1. The event was also an opportunity to present a new product for the whole family: the brand new Go Kart PRO.

The new Segway-Ninebot electric scooters

The four scooter models presented are:

  • MAX G2: rear-wheel drive motor with a maximum power of 900W (capable of tackling 22% climbs). The bike features 10-inch self-sealing tubeless tires and extended range thanks to the newly developed technology called RideyLong. This guarantees an extra-long range of up to 70 km on a single charge.
  • Series F2: composed of 3 models (F2, F2 Plus e F2 Pro). All three feature wider handlebars (for increased stability), integrated turn signals and 10-inch self-sealing tubeless tires. Thanks to rear-wheel drive, front disc brake, rear electronic brake and traction control for slippery surfaces, the F2 Series guarantees maximum safety. If you want to enjoy more comfort, the F2 Pro model also offers front suspension.

Series F2

  • Serie E2: composed by KickScooter E2 ed E2 More. Its surf-style design features a new enlarged dashboard and ultra-strong hollow tires that absorb shocks better. Complementing a dual braking system and the powerful motor for covering shorter distances.
  • Serie C2: two new KickScooters (C2 e C2 Pro) ideal for the little ones, regardless of age and height. Both come with safety features like drum brakes and sturdier frames to give parents peace of mind. In addition, C2 Pro has a speed limiter that parents can set via the mobile APP (with built-in Bluetooth speaker) and a stand designed to adapt and stretch as the little ones grow.

E300SE e GokartPR

For lovers of high performance Segway-Ninebot offers the scooter E300SE. This offers extreme acceleration (0 to 50 km/h in just 2.89 seconds) and an extra-long range (up to 130 km, a top speed of 105 km/h). In addition, an optional third battery, located under the seat, extends range by approximately 50%. The scooter is also equipped with ABS and of a intelligent traction control system. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with “J. JUAN” offer more powerful braking where needed. The wider and more supported seats convey a sense of style and comfort, with 34 liters of space for personal belongings or two open helmets. Finally, the RideyGo Airlock system! allows you to automatically turn your eScooter on and off via Bluetooth.

go kart

Finally, for go-kart enthusiasts, there is a solution for the whole family: the new Ninebot Go Kart PRO. This one, with adjustable size and speed, is suitable for both children and adults. Driving is in fact safe, also thanks to the different modes that can be selected directly from the app. With sporty performance of 40km/h, acceleration of 1.02G and drift capability, this model is sure to outperform traditional 125cc GoKarts.

For more information, we refer you to the official website of Attiva, which distributes Segway-Ninebot products on the Italian market.

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