Scorn: new trailer reveals the month of the release in 2022

Presented as an Xbox exclusive, the long-awaited horror game Scorn finally seems to have a confirmed release window for next year, and with a trailer it is also known the month in which it will be launched.

Developed by Ebb Software and published by Kepler Interactive, arriving on PC and Xbox consoles of the last and current generation, Scorn is a horror game that has been waiting for several years. While his exit had been initially announced for the current year, the game was then postponed to next year, attributing the causes above all to the problems due to the pandemic that has revolutionized the world in the last two years. Not much is known about Scorn yet other than the themes of the setting, but at least now, thanks to a trailer, we know a new exit window.

The release scheduled for next fall in the trailer for Scorn

Microsoft has begun trying to flex its muscles, releasing two of its most anticipated IPs in no time at all, including Halo Infinite Forza Horizon 5. Clearly, these are just the first hits the company intends to land, as 2022 is Starfield is also expected to arrive in November. In addition to Bethesda’s new game, however, there will also be the horror FPS title Scorn in 2022. It is a work inspired by the tales of Lovecraft, but from the date of its announcement (which took place in 2014) it has really been seen little really concrete.

Not much was known even after the title passed under the protective wing of Microsoft, so much so that some fans have now considered unlikely to appear in the near future. In addition, being a title started through a Kickstarter, those who funded the title were quite angry with the developers, who continue to postpone the game from year to year.

Fortunately, a few hours ago the CEO of Ebb Software created a new post, published on the official page of the site, where he was able to provide important news on the state of the game. He announced that Scorn has an exit window set for October 2022, including a new trailer, a teaser showing one of the mechanics that will be used in the maze, and additional screenshots. The title is now 75% complete, and in the following months the team will take care of the finalization and refinement of the game, in order to prepare well for the release next year. Meanwhile, the study will continue to update players with different content, like backstage interviews, looks at the assets developers are working on, and a general progress check in which Scorn will find himself.

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