Scorn: the release date of the game will be officially postponed

Scorn, Microsoft’s exclusive FPS game with a heavily Lovecraftian vibe, will have a release date postponed to 2022

It has long been known how Microsoft’s development studios are working on several new IPs, with the aim of enriching the company’s stock portfolio, so far not too substantial in terms of exclusive properties for its platforms. In May of last year, during the Inside Xbox, numerous works were shown arriving in the following years, and among them also appeared Scorn, title FPS inspired by the works by Lovecraft.

It was initially seen for the first time in 2014, only through some first images of the alpha version. The game disappeared from the radar for a few years, and then reappeared to fans thanks to the collaboration with the American company of Xbox. Still, the recent confirmation of the rumored news about how Scorn could have a release date postponed to 2022 was not well received dai backers del Kickstarter.

Scorn’s release date postponed indefinitely?

Already at the end of September there were rumors of one probable postponement of the release of Scorn, following the formation of the publisher Kepler Interactive, which then announced the games scheduled for 2021. Probably the causes are found in the complications given by the pandemic, which as we have already been able to discover on other occasions has actually touched inevitably the entire gaming industry.

Anyway, on the Kickstarter page the title was recently posted a new update with the intention of shedding light on how the developers were going through this last period: since the last trailer released, the team has been trying to further improve the game, and wanted to highlight how the impatience placed by fans towards Scorn was alone fruit of the “hype” caused by promotional material.

The post refers to several themes, among which a certain type of negative interaction that fans have towards the members of the development studio. The statement concludes by confirming that the release date of Scorn will be postponed definitively going beyond 2021, the year for which it was originally scheduled. It is added that a official announcement, and that a postponement of the latter too, if necessary, is not excluded. The Ebb Software studio closes it all off by saying that the fans troubled by the lack of news they could have requested the money donated on Kickstarter.

Scorn should therefore arrive on PC and Xbox Series X, the period that will start after 2021. Continue to follow us on for other gaming news, and take a look at Instant Gaming for new games at a good price.

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