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Seagate: presented the new enterprise-class Nytro SSDs

Seagate Tackles Hyperscale Workloads with New Enterprise-Class Nytro SSDs Optimized to Lower TCO

Today, Seagate Technology Holdings plc (here for more info on the company), world leader in infrastructure solutions for mass data storage, has announced big news. In fact, it unveiled two new additions to its Nytro portfolio, theSSD Nytro 5550 el‘SSD Nytro 5350. Designed with Phison technology for high performance, efficiency and increased storage density in data centers, the new products include Seagate’s Nytro 5050 NVMe SSD series. Designed to deliver more processing with lower power consumption, they provide a cost-effective solution that eliminates bottlenecks. It also improves quality of service (QoS) and offers the highest levels of data integrity and security for business applications.

Seagate: presented the new enterprise-class Nytro SSDs

Details on the new Nytro 5350 SSD

L’SSD Nytro 5350 PCIe Gen4 NVMe doubles the read throughput of the latest SAS SSDs, reaching ten times the bandwidth of SATA to significantly improve QoS. This is designed to give data centers more processing power while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). The drive eliminates data bottlenecks with an incredible bandwidth up to 7.4 GB / s and random write speeds of up to 195,000 IOPS. In addition, the random read speed of up to 1.7M IOPS. provides consistent response times. Perfectly optimized for increasing density and increasing capacity in ultra-dense environments, Nytro 5350 delivers up to 15,36 TB in a 15mm form factor. Additionally, it offers up to 7.68TB in a 7mm form factor with dual ports, supporting both U.2 and U.3 interfaces for active-active high availability. Designed to tackle corporate workloads, Nytro 5350 offers 1 DWPD at 2.5M MTBF for added strength.

High performance of the new Nytro 5550 SSDs

With best-in-class performance, theSSD Nytro 5550 PCIe Gen4 NVMe is based on the Nytro 5350 specification. With a mixed workload design and random write speeds of up to 470K IOPS and random read speeds of up to 1.7M IOPS. Designed with high durability to move business data over the long haul, Nytro 5550 offers 3 DWPDs at 2.5M MTBF for strength and reliability. Modeling the small form factor and supporting interfaces like Nytro 5350, this unit delivers up to 12,80 TB in a 15mm form factor and up to 6.40TB in a 7mm form factor to increase capacity in ultra-dense environments.

Seagate: presented the new enterprise-class Nytro SSDs

High performance

To ensure data integrity and prevent data loss in the event of an unexpected power failure, Nytro 5050 Series drives include data protection in the event of a power failure. They also offer security SED TCG and a 5-year limited warranty. Compatible with Linux and Microsoft OS, the drives are also equipped with end-to-end data protection and low-density parity check codes. Excellent for business reliability and data protection from undetected and unintentional damage. Nytro 5050 series includes NVMe management interface, SMBus Sideband Management and Life Management. For uninterrupted drive monitoring and management without burdening the operating system. Both available this month, the Nytro 5350 and Nytro 5550 NVMe SSDs Seagate are ready for the data center with a full set of business features. To keep your company strategic for the future.

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