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Heat and engines here are the 5 suggestions

It’s time for holidays, heat and engines. Here are the 5 useful tips of European marketplace with over 750,000 used cars immediately available, up to 10 years and with a maximum of 160,000 km traveled, has come up with tips to avoid such inconveniences and make travel during holidays less stressful, for drivers, but also for passengers.

Heat and engines: 5 useful tips for the maintenance of used cars

Whether your car is a few years old or a recent model, during the summer it is much more likely to be subject to problems deriving from heat and wear, given by more intense use that can leave us for road with broken down car. For this reason Carvago recommends organizing a check-up or a complete service of your car at specialized workshops, before embarking on a trip.

Liquid level control

Before getting behind the wheel, it is important to check that the car has sufficient fluid levels. Checking the engine oil, coolants, brake fluid and washer fluid layer is not to be underestimated for a successful trip. The more experienced can check them independently at home, otherwise it is recommended to take your car to a trusted garage a few days before departure.

Tire check

Heat is also a severe test for tires, and high temperatures can be responsible for pressure losses and wear, especially if the tires have been fully inflated. This check before the start therefore becomes essential to avoid finding yourself with flat tires. The adequacy of the tires can make a difference on the safety status of our car journey: tires that are too worn when traveling for many kilometers, can give way or break, increasing the risk of accidents.

Wiper blades

During the summer season, heat may not be the only problem when traveling by car. There is a chance to run into summer rains and thunderstorms while driving. If the wiper blade is too dry and damaged, it will not be able to dispose of the water that falls on the windshield quickly enough, preventing complete visibility. If you are on motorway sections, a new brush can make all the difference.

The use of air conditioning

Passenger comfort should not be underestimated when planning a trip by car and, during the summer, it is unthinkable to deal with it without an adequate functioning air conditioning system. If not used correctly, however, it can lead passengers to travel in an uncomfortable situation due to the excessive temperature difference between the inside and the outside. Prolonged exposure can result in general malaise, sore throat, neck and joint pain, and sometimes even nausea. Carvago recommends traveling at a temperature no higher than 21 or 22 degrees, especially if passengers are wearing too light clothing

Driver’s seat adjustment

While the journey by car can be an opportunity for passengers to relax, drivers cannot afford to let their guard down, sometimes reaching high levels of stress. One way to relieve tension is to position the driver’s seat ergonomically, resting their backs on the seat and adjusting the distance so that their wrists can touch the top of the steering wheel. By maintaining correct posture throughout the journey, you can avoid contractures and muscle pain upon arrival. Furthermore, the correct posture of the driver strongly conditions his ability to control while driving.

“At Carvago we want to be increasingly attentive to the needs of our community and ensure that driving a car is a positive experience both for the driver and for its passengers. During the summer period, the number of used car purchases on our marketplace has grown significantly in view of the summer travel needs. This is why it is important that our customers are informed on how to be prepared, to better manage the needs of their car before a long journey ”- explains Antonio Gentile, Country Manager of Carvago.

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