I nuovi SSD di Seagate sfidano la forza: velocità e luce come spade laser thumbnail

Seagate’s new SSDs defy the force: speed and light like lightsabers

EK, manufacturer of high quality water coolers, e Seagatea leading provider of data management and storage solutions, have built an incredible SSD FireCuda Lightsaber Collectioninspired by the Jedi of the universe of Star Wars.

FireCuda Lightsaber, l’SSD ispirata a Star Wars

Featuring a minimalistic and interchangeable design inspired by some of the main characters (Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi e Darth Vader), this SSD NVMe is intended for gamers and computer enthusiasts who are also huge fans of the Force.

The shape is also iconic: the SSD features a includes a laseran anodized aluminum body and a finely textured microporous surface, to improve heat transfer and lower temperatures.

The FireCuda Lightsaber Collection can run at top speeds even for extended periods, being equipped with up to 2TB and offering sequential read speeds of up to 7300 MB/s.

The special edition FireCuda NVMe SSD is inspired by the famous characters from the Saga thanks to the three iconic lightsaber designs, built on interchangeable heat sink faceplates.

By doing so, users will be able to choose their favorite hero, the one that best suits the PC build. Additionally, FireCuda also includes acustomizable D-RGB lighting for an incredible lightsaber effect, feeling the Force actually flow.

What’s more, the charging mechanism that connects the swappable faceplates to the SSD and heat sink was EK’s own design and development, as well as the integrated passive heat sink, to minimize thermal throttling and maintain premium performance for long periods.

FireCuda Heatsink developed by EK

The FireCuda SSD offers transfer speeds of up to 7300MB/s with fast response times, making it ideal for video rendering and as a scratch disk for large files. The SSD is also perfect for gaming, providing fast loading times.

However, higher speed also means generating extra heat. And this is where the EK’s low profile heat sink does its magic. Constructed from high-grade aluminum with a finely textured anodized finish, the integrated heat sink reduces thermal throttling, thus enabling peak performance over extended periods.

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