WhatsApp prepara il lancio dei video messaggi, ecco di cosa si tratta thumbnail

WhatsApp: video messages are coming soon, that’s what it is about

WhatsApp prepares the launch of video messages, that's what thumbnail is all about

WhatsApp mobile icon app on screen smartphone iPhone macro. WhatsApp is a popular free instant text messaging system for mobile and other platforms. Moscow, Russia – June 15, 2021

Among the new features arriving for WhatsApp users is the new “video messages” function. It is a further tool to enrich the chats between the users of the application. Currently, this feature is under development and is accessible only to some beta testers but will arrive in the near future for all users. Here’s what it is:

WhatsApp prepares the arrival of video messages in the app

With video messages it will be possible record and send a video in real time to your contact. The video in question, always protected by end-to-end encryption, may have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. It is, in fact, a real intermediate solution between Instagram stories and voice messages, widely used on WhatsApp. Everything revolves around the video recording at the time of sendingin order to make the conversation even more engaging and immediate.

Currently, this new feature is under development and has been unlocked for some beta testers. It is, in any case, a first “draft”. It will be necessary to wait a few more weeks before being able to record the release of video messages for the stable version of WhatsApp. This new feature will be available, however, for all platforms. Further details regarding the features (some may not have been revealed yet) should emerge shortly.

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