Security and Smart Home: the new solution from Kaspersky

La nuova soluzione di Kaspersky per aumentare la sicurezza dei dispositivi IoT thumbnail

Here comes a new security solution from Kaspersky, a leader in the cybersecurity sector. The new product is called Smart Home Security, and it will help telecom operators respond to the growing demand from users to protect smart home devices.

Smart Home: with Kaspersky even more security for IoT devices

Not too long ago we listed a series of unpleasant events related to IoT devices. Today, however, we have another ally for the security of your Smart Home. Let’s talk about the new product of Kaspersky, which combines several fundamental aspects of cybersecurity. These include malware protection, covert surveillance, internet monitoring, and more. In particular, the intrusion toolset includes several functions: AV file scanning, blocking brute force attacks, checking for suspicious URLs, and monitoring Internet ports and protocols.

The security toolkit allows users to control the security level of the system and devices. Kaspersky Smart Home Security it will warn the user when the device password is too weak and will guide him in choosing a more reliable one. In addition, the set includes the checking for Internet protocols and vulnerable Internet ports. Kaspersky also offers parents the ability to set Internet usage restrictions for their children. For example, you can reduce your Internet use at night or at other times, and prevent you from visiting inappropriate websites.

IoT devices increasingly common, but how secure are they?

In 2020, the Internet of Things device market experienced active growth, with a marked increase in 23,1%. A recent survey by Kaspersky also shows that the number of attacks aimed at hacking connected devices has doubled compared to last year (passing from 16.17% to 32.72%).

“The popularity of smart home devices is growing every year. Of course, this also increases the number of attacks aimed at hacking connected devices. We believe that Kaspersky Smart Home Security will help telecom operators respond to the growing demand from users to protect devices for their smart homes “, ha commentato Oleg Nevstruev, Head of Customized & Technology Products Management di Kaspersky.

“Our new product is the result of many years of working with operators from all over the world. We know the challenges our telecom partners face when new technologies are born. The new solution will be able to protect users and improve the current levels of protection of home IoT ecosystems. During the development of the KSMS it was also taken into consideration the fact that the operator must use the CPE devices already implemented in the customers’ systems “, ha commentato Alexey Gromyko, Head of Global xSP Projects.

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