Sega reports that Sonic Frontiers is receiving enthusiastic feedback from playtesters

SEGA: l'annuncio di Sonic Frontiers è alle porte? thumbnail


An article by Eurogamer reports the statements made by Takashi Iizuka, creative officer of Sonic Team. The development team was indeed concerned by the numerous negative comments from fans on the net, disappointed by the first images of Sonic Frontiers leaked online. In particular, the criticisms of users had spilled over the introduction of an open world mode. A hashtag called #DelaySonicFrontiers had even started on social networks. However, Iizuka said today that the feedback from the playtesters is all positive:

“We are currently in the debug stage, and we are making sure everything is going as it should. In reality, the feedback from the testers is all very positive, which confirms that we are on the right path, and that the game is getting closer and closer to getting into the hands of the fans ”.

When will Sonic Frontiers be out?

The statement sounds almost like a sigh of relief for SEGA, who could thus decide to speed up the times for the release of the title. According to Iizuka, the development team is “pretty close to the end,” which bodes well for an official release by the end of 2022.

In closing the interview, Iizuka said: “I know that many of our fans may not really understand what it is. But this is the third generation and the introduction of an open world represents the future of the Sonic franchise. We really hope our fans play it, have fun and understand what we’re doing. We hope that the feedback at the time of the release confirms that of the playtesters ”.

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