Smartphones will become modular with this new technology

Gli smartphone diventeranno modulari grazie ad una nuova tecnologia per i chip thumbnail

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A new type of chip, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), aims at make the world of electronics much more sustainable, allowing the smartphone to become modular. In this way, in fact, it will be possible to reduce technological waste by encouraging the reuse of components. This is how this new technology will work, which aims to revolutionize the electronics sector by guaranteeing a highly sustainable approach

Smartphones become more sustainable with modular chips developed by MIT

The new technology developed by MIT allows you to create modular chips that, thanks to artificial intelligence, are able to hook up to existing processors, updating them and improving their performance and functionality. Jihoon Kang |one of the creators of the project, underlines: ‘We define it as a chip with reconfigurable Artificial Intelligence similar to Lego because it has unlimited expandability depending on the combination of levels ”.

The reuse of electronic components is a key element for maximize smartphone sustainability and other categories of devices. This technology aims to make the world of smartphones, a true symbol of consumer electronics, a reference for the future of technological sustainability. We will see if this new creation will succeed.

Certainly, the solution presented by MIT has all the potential to offer sustainable technology for the future.

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