SENNHEISER: presented the new RS 120-W headphones

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The SENNHEISER company presents its new RS 120-W, the stylish and reliable headphones for watching TV

The range of products Sennheiser (click here for more info on the company) for listening to TV, it is enriched with an important novelty. Headphones RS 120-W offer three different sound modes for a personalized listening experience. This is thanks to advanced LE audio transmission for crystal clear and undistorted audio powered by Bluetooth. In combination with the long-lasting battery and an improved design for optimal comfort during use, the new headphones Sennheiser RS-120-W are the ideal base for binge-worthy TV sessions.


The latest version of the cuffie TV RS 120-W by Sennheiser, introduce advanced LE Audio transmission for crystal clear digital playback. The improved design also features more intuitive controls for simple and effortless interaction. And three new sound modes to personalize the listening experience, including a perfect mode for music. With exceptional comfort and great battery life, it’s a reliable companion for everyday listening.

SENNHEISER: presented the new RS 120-W headphones

Statements about the new SENNHEISER RS 120-W headphones

Below are the first statements regarding the RS 120-W headphones.

High audio quality and an immersive TV experience are essential to the Sennheiser brand,

he has declared Irene Strueber, Sennheiser’s Product Manager TV Listening. Which he then continued, stating that:

The new RS 120-W have been designed to make the listening experience even more personal and versatile. Users can manage the audio settings according to their preferences, whether they want more bass or speech clarity. A pair of headphones shouldn’t be limited to just one type of entertainment. This is exactly the philosophy we are putting into practice with the RS 120-W.

Designed for high quality entertainment

Depending on the type of entertainment preferred, users can choose between the audio modes “Spoken“, “Musica” e “Neutral”To adapt the sound scenario to your needs. To ensure detailed, balanced and distortion-free audio, the RS 120-W headphones use the sophisticated sound LE which allows audio streaming via Bluetooth Low Energy. Audio LE includes a new high quality LC3 audio codec. This technology not only convinces listeners with crystal clear audio transmission, but also offers very low latency, which guarantees immersive entertainment sessions. At the same time, the improved design of the RS 120-W makes the controls even more intuitive. For example, users can now adjust the volume independently of the TV using the control on the ear cup of the headphones. The comfortable design on-earwith lightweight pavilions and a soft headband, contributes to the comfort of the RS 120-W all day long, making them ideal for extended periods of TV viewing.

Enjoy the Sennheiser sound together

With a battery life up to 20 hours and connection wireless from a range of 60 meters, Sennheiser’s RS 120-W headphones have the ability to accompany you through virtually unlimited entertainment sessions. In fact, the supplied transmitter acts as a charging station and transmission center in a single solution. Meanwhile, the new function “Broadcast Mode”Allows you to pair the transmitter with multiple sets of headphones, so that the breathtaking sound can be enjoyed by multiple people at the same time. Those who love high volume can increase it up to 100 dBwithout having any negative impact on the surrounding environment.

SENNHEISER: presented the new RS 120-W headphones

Price and availability

The Sennheiser RS ​​120-W will be available in EMEA countries starting August 30 at the price of 129,90 euro. The Sennheiser brand, in Italy, is distributed by Exhibo.

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