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Apple will show more advertisements on iPhones

Apple would have plans to expand advertising on iPhone e iPad, increasing revenue by expanding advertising space on its services. A choice that could make some of the more ‘purist’ users turn up their noses.

Apple will show more advertisements on iPhones

Last year Apple introduced theApp Tracking Transparency (ATT), which gives users the possibility to give consent or not to track apps. A popular privacy feature, but many developers have complained about the difficulty of showing advertisements on their apps, which impacted their earnings.

However, Apple does not need to show these warnings on apps where it shows ads: News, Bag, App Store and recently also Apple TV+. In fact, the ATT applies to those who collect data between different services and third-party sites, which is not the case for Apple services. Although the Cupertino company allows to block ad personalization on iPhoneoption chosen by 78% of iOS users.

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According to Bloomberg expert reports Mark Gurman, now Apple plans to show its ads even more than it currently does. For Gurman, they will always be contextualized. Same as for apps in App Store search, which only show suggestions for apps to download (like ads on Google Search).

One day, according to Gurman, the same could happen for Apple Mappe: if you are looking for ‘sushi in the area’, a restaurant may pay to be in the results. Always showing an icon that warns that it is an advertisement. Another possibility is to see ads on Apple Podcast, on Apple Books and all the other ‘showcase’ services offered by Apple.

The Ads Manager for Apple, Todd Teresihe explained that he wanted to bring about $ 4 billion in advertising revenue for Apple in at least double digits.

The economic potential is therefore enormous. It will remain to be seen whether iPhone users, who buy a Premium device also for Apple’s attention to privacy ea a clean interface, will be delighted to see these new announcements. Although in all likelihood, many users won’t even notice the difference.

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