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Sensational Snowpiercer: the fourth season will not be broadcast

Incredible news: already conceived and under construction, the fourth season of Snowpiercer will not be aired

The adventure of Snowpiercer could not end in a worse way, which will not have a real ending after three seasons. Some time ago, TNT had announced the cancellation of the series based on the graphic novel Le Transpercenegie by Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette and Benjamin Legrand, but the situation has now literally precipitated. Snowpiercer was supposed to end with the fourth season, but now this one has also skipped, which had already been conceived and was under construction. News that literally infuriated fans, who after the cancellation hoped at least to see a worthy conclusion for the series. But that apparently won’t happen. According to what was reported by Deadline TNT has decided not to air this new season of Snowpiercer, a decision that would also be confirmed by a spokesperson for the network.

Snowpiercer: the future of the fourth season

However, the last hope for the fourth season of Snowpiercer hasn’t faded yet. The same Deadline reports that, after the decision of TNT, the production studio of the series is looking for gods new buyers that they can save at least the fourth season of the graphic novel adaptation, so as to deliver to Snowpiercer the right epilogue. A scenario that we have seen occur on several occasions and which therefore feeds the hopes of the fans, ready to support the cause with their contribution. In short, the fight for the fourth season of Snowpiercer is still completely open, but for the moment the only certainty is that TNT is no longer distributing the series, pending further developments.

There seem to be economic reasons behind the choice of TNT, with the series not bringing the right return economic and therefore, to avoid further losses, he decided not to risk further with Snowpiercer. In addition to the production of the fourth season, those responsible for the series also want to propose possible prequels or sequels, to convince new broadcasters to save Snowpiercer. Further developments in this regard are awaited.

A future to write

While waiting for the definitive future of Snowpiercer to be decided, don’t miss any news on the world of TV series and cinema.

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