SEO, all we need to know about it

SEO, all we need to know about it

How SEO works from multiple points of view, and how it can transform the performance of a website by increasing the number of visitors and the profit of the activity that manages it

A little word on everyone’s lips, professionals and beginners of the web world, which according to articles and news found on the net, is able to completely change the positioning a page on search engines, including the hugely popular Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In short, everyone talks about SEO, even if few bother to give it a clear and precise definition.

What is SEO and why everyone is talking about it

Today, as you have probably already guessed from the main title, we will be the ones to talk about it in an in-depth and exhaustive way.

But be careful, as we will not only give a general definition of the term, but we will also explain its advantages. First of all, it is our duty to specify that it is a practice that only a team of professionals can manage and complete.

Agencies like SEO Lucca they specialize in this field, and they know perfectly well how take action to get the best possible result.

The various crap guides that we can find online, regarding DIY SEO, are nothing but great waste of time, which risk causing more harm than good.

Having made this necessary premise, let’s immediately touch the heart of the subject.

Search Engine Optimization, an acronym that speaks volumes

Just go and carefully analyze the SEO acronym to be able to guess broadly what it is, or search engine optimization, in translation optimization for search engines.

Because this is really the goal of this practice, to optimize a particular website so that it is shown among the first results following an inherent search.

The optimization obviously does not happen simply by pressing a magic button, but involves several phases, all of which are aimed at solving certain problems of the portal that we intend to optimize.

In fact, if you were not aware of it, although search engines allow everyone to create a space on the web, have certain preferences, also aimed at protecting users who explore dozens of tabs every day.

They prefer to show websites that are fluid, fast, secure and that deliver on their promises in terms of content.

Implementing a search engine optimization strategy therefore means focusing on the correct functioning of these aspects. When we commission the web agency to optimize our website, it will work on what has just been said.

If our site, for example, proves to be slow in loading, the agency will inspect and modify it from the inside, acting on the parameters and all those factors that prevent the achievement of a satisfactory loading speed.

Also in this case we must be very careful, as we will not be the ones to specify the problems of the portal to the team of professionals, also because they are not always so evident.

They will be, through specific digital tools and software, to carry out specific diagnostic analyzes that will highlight the weak points useful for building an adequate SEO strategy.

What SEO implements within a website

In the previous paragraph we told you only one side of the coin, and now we will do the rest. If it is indeed true that SEO solves the problems of a website, it must also implement and complete the aforementioned portal to achieve its goal.

How is this done?

First of all by adding content relevant to the topic covered by our site, texts containing certain keywords, in correct Italian, and clearly legible on the screen.

It is no coincidence that among the latest results following a Google search, very often there are all those blogs without significant and important content, containing only images and marketing offers.

Subsequently, links on the site also play a very important role. A link is like a busy road capable of leading from one part of the city to the other.

Having a site with many direct links to him means automatically guarantee a continuous flow of visitors, and obviously the blessing of Google.

However, we are not talking about random links, but only relevant links, possibly between sites that deal with the same type of topics.

Connecting a fashion site to a mechanics site would mean shooting yourself in the foot, without getting any results. At the end of all this tunnel of implementations and improvements, the algorithm of Google, the most used search engine in the world, is hidden.

An algorithm that, as we said previously, has very specific preferences, which SEO professionals study every day, trying to act to its satisfaction.

Where is the conspiratorial rip-off of hard work? Surely in the periodic updating of the algorithm, which forces web agencies to study and plan their moves continuously.

But do the results arrive? Yes, if everything is done professionally and effectively, the results eventually arrive, and they are literally capable of upsetting not only the number of visitors to a site, but also the earnings of the business that manages it, whether it is a dentist looking for new customers, or a newly launched e-commerce.